HomeLiceo Journal of Higher Education Researchvol. 6 no. 1 (2009)

Manubo Matigsalug Dances of Sinuda, Kitaotao, Bukidnon

Veberlino T. Yamut

Discipline: Art, Cultural and Ethnic Studies



This study is part of an on-going attempt to retrieve and document ethnic dances among the tribal communities in Mindanao, in particular, those in the provinces of Bukidnon and Cotabato. The fifteen dances identified with the Manubo Matigsalug Tribe of Sinuda, Kataotao, Bukidnon point to a people who are in touch with themselves and their environment. Seven of the fifteen dances, like the Binanog, Bubudsil, Inagong, Kakayamutan, Kalusisi, Saut and Sayaw Kulintang use the 2/4 beat. Five dances like Bangkakawan, Oripon, Saluray Kudtong, Titinokak and Uubol employ the 3/4 beat. The remaining three dances are Pinag-agawan, Sayaw Kubing and Talupak Mamugas are dances with the 4/4 beat. The bird dances, the monkey dances, the log dance, the rice planting dance, the head hunting reveal the Matigsalug finity with nature, with animals, with the forest and with the different activities in their lives.