HomeLiceo Journal of Higher Education Researchvol. 6 no. 1 (2009)

Microfinancing Program of City Social Welfare and Development Office: Integrated Development of Beneficiaries in Butuan City

Emiliana J. Lozano

Discipline: Finance



The study determined the impact of microfinancing program of the City Social Welfare and Development Office of Butuan City, Philippines on the beneficiaries’ social, economic, political, and spiritual development. The data were collected from randomly sampled beneficiaries and purposively sampled CSWD employees using a researcher-made questionnaire. As reported, the CSWD microfinancing program improved the beneficiaries’ social, economic, political and spiritual development after availing of the microfinance program. As such, it is recommended that the financial assistance should be increased and that the mode of payment should be modified to maximize gain and sustain the beneficiaries’ project.