HomeInternational Social Science Reviewvol. 4 no. 1 (2021)

Behind the Texts/ Behind the Scenes: Exploring the Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices (KAP) of Stakeholders on Vision, Mission, and Objectives (VMO) of the Universidad de Zamboanga

Angelo M. Solo, MPA | Michael Vincent P. Caceres



Vision, Mission, and Objectives (VMOs) are key philosophical statements and pillars that guide the organization on its overall operations and mandates. The effectiveness of the VMO primarily lies in its organizational structure and dissemination of the statements to its clientele to recognize, be aware and comprehend existing VMOs of the organization. This semi-quantitative research design and descriptive survey method were used to determine the stakeholders’ level of knowledge, attitude, and practices (KAP) on the interpretation and information, particularly on the dissemination of the philosophical statements of the university. A total of 380 stakeholders were included as respondents, who were internal stakeholders such as non-teaching personnel, teaching personnel, students, and external stakeholders like the alumni, clients, and community. Results show that in terms of knowledge, stakeholders indicated high awareness, implying that they were knowledgeable and informed on the existing philosophical statements of the university. In terms of the attitude, stakeholders showed a favorable attitude on the disposition, value appreciation, and relevance of the VMOs to oneself. The level of practices was also high, suggesting that stakeholders were “living the VMOs” by embracing, practicing, or imbibing it in all forms of endeavors. Further, the stakeholders indicated that VMOs were clear, understandable, and well disseminated. Nonetheless, this study recommends that the stakeholders will continue to integrate and uphold the VMOs and be provided with a wide array of platforms (print and online) for wider dissemination of VMOs. A periodical review of the key philosophical statements is also necessary to assess the direction of the university, in which the stakeholders share ideas, suggestions, and expertise in the revision of the VMOs to put these into fruition.