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Extent of Use of Whole-Brain Teaching Strategies as Applied by Mathematics Teachers of Private Elementary Schools in Digos City, Philippines




People consider education as a gateway to prosperity and success. To advance learning, Education has been subjected to major reforms, particularly introducing effective strategies coupled with the advancement of technologies. The study determined the extent of use of whole-brain teaching strategies as applied by Mathematics teachers of private elementary schools in Digos City, Philippines. It employed a descriptive research design. Data were gathered through observations using the adopted checklist lifted from the 4MAT framework. The respondents of the study were 15 kinder to Grade three mathematics teachers representing three private preparatory and elementary schools. Each teacher was visited and observed on three different dates. Results showed that among the four quadrants, teach quadrant was the highest (2.29) regarding the application, followed by Practice (1.46), Motivate (1.42), and Apply (0.98). A significant difference was not found on the four quadrants when the respondents were grouped according to grade level taught. Based on the results, the application of whole-brain teaching strategies is not substantially observed with only Teach quadrant as present 2.29 times in three observations. An intervention program was proposed to help the schools and individual teachers master the whole-brain teaching strategies.