HomeKarununganvol. 9 no. 1 (1992)

Filipino Philosophers in a Dialogue on Filipino Culture (A Report)

Alfredo P. Co

Discipline: Philosophy, Filipino



THERE ARE THREE major philosophical organizations in the Philippines, namely, the Philosophical Circle of the Philippines, the Philosophical Association of the Philippines, and the Philippine Academy of Philosophical Research.


The Philosophical Circle of the Philippines, which was founded in 1982 by Alfredo P. Co, had the University of Santo Tomas as its initial home-base. Its membership was and continues to be open to philosophy teachers and majors. A series of lectures is organized annually with current issues in philosophy as the major thrust.


The Philosophical Association of the Philippines was initiated in 1983 by Jorge Revilla of the University of the East. Its membership is open to anyone teaching philosophy, with or without a degree in Philosophy. Summer conferences are held with a view to helping teachers of philosophy develop their course syllabi. The main thrust is the teaching of Logic, Ethics, and Philosophy of Man.


The Philippine Academy of Philosophical Research (PAPR) was founded in 1983 by Emerita S. Quito with De La Salle University as its home-base. Its charter members include Claro R. Ceniza of DLSU, Alfredo P. Co of UST, Fr. Vitaliano Gorospe, S.J. of Ateneo de Manila University, Manuel B. Dy, Jr. of Ateneo de Manila University, Salvador Martinez of Silliman University, Fr. Quintin Terrenal, SVD of USC, Florentino T. Timbreza of DLSU, and Fr. Leonardo Mercado, SVD of DWU. The P APR was an offshoot of a UNESCO-sponsored Asia-Pacific conference on Philosophy in 1978. This exclusive group has very demanding requirements for membership and its main thrust is Research and Publication. To date, only three new members have been admitted, namely, Romualdo E. Abulad, its incumbent President; Leovino Ma. Garcia, the incumbent President of the Philosophical Association of the Philippines; and Rainier R. A. Thana, the incumbent President of the Philosophy Circle of the Philippines.


Despite differences in objectives, the three major organizations have become a closely-knit group because the members of the P APR are all members of the other organizations. They have been unselfishly supportive of each other's projects.