HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)


Ma. Andrea T. Oña | Sarah Jane R. Samson

Discipline: Management Accounting



The project dealt with the establishment of a business that manufactures fish shanghai made of yellowfin tuna which is primarily intended for the people residing in Calamba City ages 5 – 65 years old. These are the people who eat shanghai in school canteens. It would also be distributed in supermarkets/grocery stores, and retailers. This study provided another variety of shanghai that is healthy for the target end-users’ bodies.

This study aimed to be one of the leading healthy shanghais in Region IV particularly in Laguna area in terms of first fish shanghai made of yellowfin tuna. Using effective marketing strategies, the business plans to venture and sustain demand for the product.

The study established the following principles to determine the feasibility of the project:

a. The business should meet the demands and needs of the market.

b. The business should provide quality fish shanghai to its market and ensure that there is enough supply of shanghai to satisfy the demand of its market.

c. The business partners should have distinct and separate duties

and responsibilities for the overall operation of the business, as well as enough manpower to operate properly.

d. The investment should be deemed acceptable if the NPV is positive.

e. The business should have minimum waste from the business operation.


The total project cost is Php 450,000.00. The net income for the first year of operation is Php 155,330.31 while the ROI is 63.56% and 1 year and 303 days.