HomeJournal of Interdisciplinary Perspectivesvol. 2 no. 4 (2024)

Perspectives of Mental Health Professionals on Self-Diagnosis and Romanticization of Mental Illnesses

Nathania Danielle Quijano | Angelie Jayne Naval | Darwin Ignacio

Discipline: Psychology



In today's interconnected world, many individuals worldwide have become susceptible to the influences of the rising trends of self-diagnosis and the romanticization of mental illnesses, primarily facilitated by online platforms. This study explored the viewpoints of mental health professionals on the trends of self-diagnosis and romanticization of mental illnesses, including concerns about the accuracy of self-diagnoses, the impact of romanticization on individuals, and potential interventions to mitigate the issues. This research narrows its focus on the first-hand experiences and insights shared by mental health professionals, precisely five (5) psychologists, and five (5) guidance counselors in General Santos City and Davao City, shedding light on how these trends significantly shape individuals' perceptions of mental health. Using Braun and Clarke's (2006) thematic analysis, results from semi-structured interviews highlighted the harmful impacts of these trends. Additionally, the findings suggest a need for increased awareness and education surrounding mental health, as well as collaborative efforts to counter the negative consequences of self-diagnosis and romanticization of mental illnesses.