vol. 2, no. 4 (2024)
Journal of Interdisciplinary Perspectives


The Journal of Interdisciplinary Perspectives (JIP) is a scholarly publication that embraces both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches. It operates as a peer-reviewed, open-access journal available in both printed and online formats. Manuscripts meeting the general criteria of significance and scientific relevance are welcomed for submission to the Journal.

Publisher: The Wise Researcher

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Describing Syntactic Errors in Written Works of Grade 8 Students in English - A Phenomenological Study

Jhonnel A Tizon | Jasmin Dela Cruz

Discipline: Education

After-dark Filipino Learners: Addressing the Stress Level and Grit among Higher Educational Learners and its Relationship to Academic Performance

Kadesh Angela Caballero

Discipline: Education

The Mediating Effects of Work-Life Balance on the Relationship of School Heads’ Leadership Practices and Teachers’ Work Satisfaction

Lelet Borreba | Joel Potane

Discipline: Education

Assessing the Financial Literacy of the Blue-Collar Job Workers in terms of Financial Management Practices

John Lloyd P. Alarcon | Joshua Pamisa | Daniella Sophia Alarcon | Joven Jonen Ellacone | Rodel John Esmalde | Dave Stephen Pedroza

Discipline: Business Management

Behind the Scenes: Evaluating the Performance of University Support Personnel for Institutional Progress

Gilmilen Sanchez

Discipline: Education

Perspectives of Mental Health Professionals on Self-Diagnosis and Romanticization of Mental Illnesses

Nathania Danielle Quijano | Angelie Jayne Naval | Darwin Ignacio

Discipline: Psychology

Public Elementary Teachers’ Motivation and Pedagogical Competence In Teaching Non-Readers: A Correlational Study

Gideon Sumayo | Wilson Ortega Jr.

Discipline: Education

Curriculum Delivery of English Language Macro-skills vis-à-vis Strategic Approach of Bukidnon Jesuit Mission School Teachers

Kim Peter Diez

Discipline: Education

Nurses' Compliance Towards Infection Control Practices at Sulu Sanitarium and General Hospital

Sahid Sangkula

Discipline: Environmental and Public Health

Application of Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory: Motivational Factors and Hygiene Factors in the Financial Industry

Romario Ybañez

Discipline: Finance

The Moderation Analysis of Coping Strategies in the Relationship between Anxiety and Aggression among Security Personnel

John Raven Baldovino

Discipline: Psychology

Effectiveness of an ICT-Skills Enhancement Short Course Program for Barangay Functionaries ICT-Based Office Operation

Marianne Gloria

Discipline: Education

An Evaluation of the Efficiency of the Localize, Locate, and Pinpoint Strategy in Reducing Water Loss

Ken Lester Jariol

Discipline: Civil Engineering

The Interplay among Students’ Social Behavior, Thinking Skills, and Academic Performance in Core Subjects

Maria Chona Z Futalan | Abigail Santisteban

Discipline: Education

Determinants of Primary School Teachers’ Level of Self-Efficacy

Song Zizhan | Jaruvic Rafols

Discipline: Education

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