HomeKAYÂ TAOvol. 14 no. 1 (1995)

In a Metro Manila Area

Ma. Elena Chiong-javier

Discipline: Community Development, Social Studies



This paper discusses the findings and implications of a study aimed at delineating the universe of community actions in an inner city poor neighborhood and to understand the process, participation and resource mobilization involved in such actions. The objectives of the study were: (1) to identify the areas of human concerns which the urban poor address as a community, the reasons for initiating actions and the processes undergone by these actions; (2) to determine who among the urban poor residents participate in community actions, why they participate and what roles they assume; (3) to determine the manner of involvement of local community associations and external agencies in community actions; and (4) to identify what resources within and outside the community are mobilized for community actions and how these are mobilized. One small urban poor barangay (renamed Barangay Pinagpala) with 280 households located in Pasay City, Metro Manila was the focus of the study. Descriptive information were obtained through key informant interview, document review, participant observation and survey.