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Philippines as Retirement Haven for Foreigners

Mamaril, Kathry C. | Lacson, Rosie Vine E. | Sebastian, Florentino T.

Discipline: Social Studies

Globalisation and the Making of the Asia-Pacific: Contested Social Geographies and World-making Projects from the 16th to the 21st Century

Cuevas-hewitt, Marco

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Studies

The Level of Froshies Parental Satisfaction

Guiuan, Gerardo

Discipline: Social Studies

Gender, Rank, and Teaching Hours as Predictors of Research Productivity among Higher Education Faculty

Dangan, Shirley D.

Discipline: Education, Gender Studies, Social Studies

Going Beyond the Four Walls through Asynchronous Discussion Forum: Basis to Instructional Enhancement

De Leon, Josephine Luz S. | Soriano, Dynah D. | Canlas, Ranie B. | Fajardo, Reymond Q. | Martinez, Janice M.

Discipline: Education Administration, Social Studies

Predictors of Smoking among Students in Public and Private Secondary Schools

Canencia, Oliva P. | Palmes, Nenita D. | Ibonia, Socorro M.

Discipline: Health, Social Studies

The Principal-Agent Problem: Rationalizing the Utilization of the 20% Internal Revenue Allotment for Socio-Development in LGUs

Bautista, Teodoro Lloydon C.

Discipline: Governance, Social Studies

Manila Senior Citizens In Two Barangays: The Aging Process, Wellness Program And Fourteen Variables

Villarroel, Roberto F. | Otero, Marietta R. | Terrado, Lourdes | Puzon, Liza

Discipline: Health, Social Studies

Participation and Empowerment among LEAN Project Participants

Acebedo, Wendy R.

Discipline: Education, Social Studies

Aging in an Evolutionary Perspective: The Verticality of the Cultural Inheritance System

Somera, Rene D.

Discipline: Sociology, Ethnography, Social Studies

The Internet as a Tool for Social Science Research and Education: The Case of the World-Wide Web

Teehankee, Benito L.

Discipline: Sociology, Media, Social Studies

In a Metro Manila Area

Chiong-javier, Ma. Elena

Discipline: Community Development, Social Studies

Ethnoarcheological Perspectives of Pottery Making in San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte

Buenaventura, Luis Carmela L.

Discipline: Social Studies

Senior Students' Values about Self

Quisumbing-baybay, Maria Lourdes

Discipline: Psychology, Social Studies

The College Student Survey at Miriam College

Acuña, Jasmin E.

Discipline: Psychology, Social Studies

Issues of Older Gay Men: Clinical Implications

Motilla, Ronaldo A.

Discipline: Society, Social Studies, Sexuality Studies

Factors that Influence the Achievement of an Affirmative Gay Identity

Motilla, Ronaldo A.

Discipline: Gender Studies, Social Studies

Tertiary Education Preferences of Miriam College High School Students

Quintillan-bugas, Ruth

Discipline: Education, Social Studies

Hearts Apart: In the Eyes of Miriam Students

Chavez, Maria Lourdes L. | Alfonso, Ma. Victoria G.

Discipline: International Relations, Social Studies

Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership of Student Leaders and Non-Leaders

Soriano, Analiza G.

Discipline: Psychology, Social Studies

Fathering Adolescents with Absent-Mothers

Agbing, Lourdes U. | Baradi, Anne Marie A.

Discipline: Family and Relationships, Social Studies

Environmental Preferences of Older Filipinos

Agbing, Lourdes U.

Discipline: Society, Social Studies

The Relationship of Emotion Regulation to Gender, Parenting Style and Academic Performance

Moreno- Javier, Joanne

Discipline: Family and Relationships, Early Childhood Education, Social Studies

Ten Years of Psychological Undergraduate Research in Miriam College

Saplala, Jesus Enrique G. | Navalta, Maylene | Grama, Marita | Bartolome, Nicar | Illescas, Joyce | Teopiz, Kristina

Discipline: Psychology, Social Studies

Emotional Skills and Interests of the Hearing Impaired

Bathan, Jasmin L. | Quintillan-bugas, Ruth

Discipline: Education, Social Studies

Wellness Center: The Miriam College Experience

Reyes, Rachel C. | Motilla, Ronaldo A.

Discipline: Education Administration, Social Studies

Predictors of English, Mathematics, and Science Achievement

Quintillan-bugas, Ruth

Discipline: Education, Social Studies

Manifest Needs of Adolescents and their Level of Happiness

Quintillan-bugas, Ruth

Discipline: Family and Relationships, Social Studies

Social Dominance Orientation and Attitudes towards the Poor: Contrasting Lower and Higher Socioeconomic Groups in the Philippines

Bernardo, Allan B. I.

Discipline: Sociology, Social Studies

Dimensions of Social Support from the Perspective of Filipino Adolescents

Ortega, Renee Ann L. | Lirios, Joaquin Jose B. | Fernandez, Karina Galang

Discipline: Social Studies

`Where are the buses?’ - Role of Geography Fieldwork in a Socially Fragmented World

Ooi, Giok Ling

Discipline: Social Studies

Academic Motivation and Learning Styles of College Freshmen Exposed to Shadow Education

Ramos, Roann M. | Cayubit, Ryan Francis O. | Ang, Michelle Colleen R. | Arconado, Jerome Arthur M. | Castillo, Beverly Mae C. | Paz, Ronelyn A. | Poblete, Neil Howser L. | Tamayo, Sharlynn M. | Villasenor, Christine Nichole C.

Discipline: Education, Social Studies

Assessing the Factorial Validity of the Computer Attitude Scale (CAS) Using a Singaporean Sample: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Teo, Timothy

Discipline: Psychology, Social Studies

Shared and Contested Meanings in the Mindanao Conflict: Exploring People’s Understanding of Bangsamoro

De Guzman, Judith M. | Inzon, Charlie M.

Discipline: Cultural Studies, Social Studies

Work-Family Conflict, Stress, and Satisfaction among Dual-Earning Couples

Ortega, Renee Ann L. | Hechanova, Ma. Regina M.

Discipline: Psychology, Social Studies

Helping by Volunteers: A Social Representations Approach

Macapagal, Raymond A. | Menguito, Ma. Ligaya Manuel

Discipline: Social Science, Social Studies

Parent and Peer Influences on Adolescent Delinquent Behavior and the Mediating Role of Self Regulation

Banzon-librojo, Lorelie Ann | Alampay, Liane Pena

Discipline: Family and Relationships, Social Studies

Social Representations of the Reproductive Health Bill

Teng-calleja, Mendiola

Discipline: Health, Social Studies

Effects of Gender and Social Status on How Filipinos Perceive Political Candidates

Macapagal, Raymond A.

Discipline: Gender Studies, Social Studies

Typology and Correlates of Political Participation among Filipinos

Sucgang, Evangeline P.

Discipline: Political Science, Social Studies

Dissecting the Glass Ceiling: Leadership Stereotypes and Gender Discrimination as Perceived by Filipino Managers

Hechanova, Ma. Regina M. | Lim, Abigail Ruthchin L.

Discipline: Gender Studies, Social Studies

A Construct Validation of the Tagasalo Personality Using the Panunukat ng Pagkataong Pilipino (PPP)

Go Tian, Rizason L.

Discipline: Psychology, Social Studies

Culturally-Rooted Beliefs and Learning: Exploring the Relationships among Social Axioms, Achievement Goals, and Learning Strategies of Filipino College Students

Bernardo, Allan B. I.

Discipline: Psychology, Social Studies

Relational Aggression among Filipino On-The-Job-Training Students

De Carvalho Filho, Moisés Kirk | Purugganan, Ma. Aurora R. | Sanchez, Marinella Jessica B.

Discipline: Psychology, Social Studies

The Third World as a Concept - its Sources, Conditions and Literary Ramifications

Barrett, Carolyn M.

Discipline: History, Cultural Studies, Social Studies

Implications of the Brain Drain

Tullao Jr., Tereso S.

Discipline: Social Studies

Japan: Toward an Internationalized Economy

Unite, Angelo A.

Discipline: Cultural Studies, Social Studies

Moral Issues Against the U.S. Military Bases in the Philippines

Elesterio, Fernando G.

Discipline: Social Studies

The Intent and Meaning of the Constitutional Provision on the US Military Bases in the Philippines

Sales, Emmanuel O.

Discipline: Social Studies

The Year That Was and the Years to Come: Assessing the Ramos Regime

Holmes, Ronald D.

Discipline: History, Social Studies


Nicolaides, Angelo

Discipline: Social Studies

History, Space and Ethnicity: Re-visiting Felix M. Keesing's The Ethnohistory of Northern Luzon

Florendo, Maria Nela B.

Discipline: History, Social Studies

Roots of Mindanao Conflict: An Analysis

Tawagon, Manuel R.

Discipline: History, Social Studies

Filipinos in Davao and the "Land Problem" of the 1930s

Dacudao, Patricia Irene

Discipline: History, Social Studies

The Pulahan Movement in Leyte (1902-1907)

Borrinaga, George Emmanuel R.

Discipline: History, Social Studies

Land and Society in Early Colonial Philippines (Introduction of the Panel)

Churchill, Bernardita Reyes

Discipline: History, Social Studies

The Agturáy of the Ili:The Elite of Ilocos, 1574-1661

Balangue Apilado, Digna

Discipline: Philippine History, Social Studies

Health-Seeking Behavioral Patterns among the Physically Disabled: Biomedical Vs. Traditional Approaches

Buenaventura, Luis Carmela L.

Discipline: Health, Social Studies

Role of Nongovernment Organizations in Democratizing Development: A Look at the Philippine Case

Lamberte, Exaltacion E.

Discipline: Development, Governance, Social Studies

Pharmaceutical Behavior in the Management of Acute Respiratory Infections: Key Issues from the Social Science Perspective

Chiong-javier, Ma. Elena

Discipline: Sociology, Social Studies

At the Crossroads of Industrialization: A Peasant Village Reacts to Project Calabarzon

Dasmariñas, Julius O.

Discipline: Social Science, Development, Social Studies

Social Factors Associated with Abortion-Related Morbidity in Manila

Manlagnit, Alicia B. | Ford, Nicholas J.

Discipline: Sociology, Social Studies

Organizational Culture of Chinese Business Organizations in the Philippines: A Case Study

Garde, Patricia Ana | Amador, Alama | Dumagat, Anne

Discipline: Social Studies, Organizational Culture

Working for the "Yen": Case Studies of Returning Filipino OCWs from Japan

Rodriguez, Cristina A.

Discipline: Sociology, Social Studies

The Immunization Program in the Philippines: Issues for Social Research

Ramos-jimenez, Pilar

Discipline: Social Science, Sociology, Social Studies

A Multivariate Analysis of Suicide Ideation Among University Students in the Philippines

Sta. Maria, Madelene | Rodriguez, Cristina A. | Lee, Romeo B. | Estanislao, Susana | Wang, Jianli | Liu, Yan

Discipline: Social Studies

Improving Social Media Response to Endorsement Marketing in an Endorser-Product Page

Emmanuel Santos, Jose Antonio

Discipline: Mass Communication, Social Studies

Cultural Pluralism and the Quest for an Enduring Political System in Nigeria

Ajayi, Ademola

Discipline: Philosophy, Theology, Anthropology, Social Studies

New Frontiers for the Catholic Church: Positive and Negative Democracy in the Philippines

Maboloc, Christopher Ryan

Discipline: Theology, Politics, Social Studies

The Effects of the Arab Conflicts on the Muslim World

Abbas, L. O.

Discipline: Religion, Cultural Studies, Social Studies

A Study of the Value Systems of Filipino Adolescents

Evidente, Ma. Asuncion G.

Discipline: Social Studies