HomeLEAPS: Miriam College Faculty Research Journalvol. 21 no. 1 (2002)

The College Student Survey at Miriam College

Jasmin E. Acuña

Discipline: Psychology, Social Studies



The McCann Youth study introduced their results with the statement that “The youth have been considered one of the most fascinating group of people.” All sectors have a strong interest in them. Politicians anchor their promises on what they think will appeal to the youth. Manufacturers and producers try to woo them to get a share of their allowance. Also mass media cannot seem to have enough stories about the youth.

In education the development of the youth is our primary concern. It is in trying to understand the circumstances of our students and their families that we ventured into this college student survey. This study is on the late adolescence into the early adult stage of development. Times have indeed changed and over this past year these changes have occurred swiftly and dramatically. We believe that the people in EDSA Dos came largely from the youth population. GMA therefore owes her presidency to the idealism of the college student. This generation has been referred to as the interactive generation.

This report is on Miriam College. It is preliminary because we intend to pull together the results of the five-sister colleges into one data set. However, one of our sister college has not had the time to give the questionnaire. The other two are cleaning up their data after encoding in a form that can be read by SPSS.