HomeThe Asia-Pacific Education Researchervol. 18 no. 2 (2009)

Exploring the Influence of the Classroom Environment on Students’ Motivation and Self-regulated Learning in Hong Kong

John Chi-kin Lee | Hong-biao Yin | Zhonghua Zhang

Discipline: Education, Learning



This study aims at exploring the characteristics of classroom environment in Hong Kong’s junior secondary schools, and investigates the influence of classroom environment on students’ motivation and use of self-regulated learning strategy. A total of 1,955 Grade 7 to 9 junior secondary students responded to a questionnaire that comprised two sets of instruments, i.e., the Hong Kong Classroom Environment Scale and the Chinese version of Motivated Strategy for Learning Questionnaire. The findings of this study suggest that high teacher support and involvement is a salient feature of classroom environment in Hong Kong. However, in contrast to results of Western research, this study found that it was teachers rather than students who were more influential on students’ self-regulated learning in Hong Kong, which might reflect some culture-specific features of teacher-centred classroom environment in Hong Kong. The implications of these findings for understanding Hong Kong classroom environment and students’ self-regulated learning are discussed. Finally, suggestions for future research are put forward.