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A Study on Portfolio Assessment as an Effective Student Self-Evaluation Scheme

Lucas, Rochelle Irene G.

Discipline: Education, Learning

Exploring Emergent Literacy Behaviors of Filipino Deaf Children

Bustos, Marie Therese A.

Discipline: medical, Learning

The Learning Organisation: A school's journey towards critical and creative thinking

Retna, Kala S.

Discipline: Education, Learning

The centrality of textbooks in teachers’ work: perceptions and use of textbooks in a Hong Kong Primary School

Chien, Chu Ying | Young, Kathie

Discipline: Education, Learning

Conceptions of assessment of Mainland China college lecturers: A technical paper analyzing the Chinese version of COA-III

Li, Wai Shing | Fai Hui, Sammy King

Discipline: Learning

Hong Kong Teacher Education Students’ Epistemological Beliefs and their Relations with Conceptions of Learning and Learning Strategies

Chan, Kwok-wai

Discipline: Education, Learning

Teacher Concerns about Curriculum Reform: The Case of Project Learning

Leung, Wai Lun Anthony

Discipline: Education, Learning

Learning Study as an Approach to Teacher Development in Two Primary Schools

Mei Siu, Ina Yuen

Discipline: Education, Learning

Design and Use of Instructional Materials for Student-Centered Learning: A Case in Learning Ecological Concepts

Gravoso, Rotacio | Mori, Toshiaki | Pasa, Arturo | Labra, J B.

Discipline: Education, Learning

. Preparing Students for Late Immersion in L2: An Experience from a Language Enrichment Programme in Post-colonial Hong Kong

Li, Benjamin

Discipline: Education, Languages, Learning

Teachers of Gifted Students in Hong Kong: Competencies and Characteristics

Phillipson, Shane N. | Cheung, Hoi Yan

Discipline: Education, Learning

Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Conception for Teaching and Learning Questionnaire (CTLQ)

Chai, Ching Sing | Teo, Timothy

Discipline: Education, Learning

Revisiting the Relationships of Epistemological Beliefs and Conceptions about Teaching and Learning of Pre-Service Teachers in Hong Kong

Chan, Kwok-wai | Lai, Po-yin | Wong, Angel Kit-yi

Discipline: Education, Learning

The Implementation of Communicative Language Teaching: An Investigation of Students' Viewpoints

Chung, I-fang | Huang, Yi-cheng

Discipline: Education, Learning

Exploring the Influence of the Classroom Environment on Students’ Motivation and Self-regulated Learning in Hong Kong

Lee, John Chi-kin | Zhang, Zhonghua | Yin, Hong-biao

Discipline: Education, Learning

Investigating the Effect of School Ability on Self-efficacy, Learning Approaches, and Metacognition

Magno, Carlo

Discipline: Education, Learning

Editorial: Research About Science Learning in Asian Countries

Tsai, Chin-chung

Discipline: Education, Learning

How Groups Learn: Implications for Collaborative Work in Science

Yeo, Jennifer | Tan, Seng-chee

Discipline: Education, Sociology, Learning

An Exploration of Elementary School Students’ Conceptions of Learning: A Drawing Analysis

Tsai, Chin-chung | Wang, Hung-yuan

Discipline: Education, Learning

Lifelong Learning Programmes for Sustainable Development

Subramaniam, Selva Ranee

Discipline: Education, Learning