HomeDLSU Business & Economics Reviewvol. 4 no. 1 (1991)

A Conceptual Validation of Sherif's Trichotomy on the Latitudes (ZONES) of Acceptance, Neutrality and Rejection as Applied to Marketing-Related Issues

Rustica D. Badillo | Antonio Arevalo Jr.

Discipline: Economics, Business



A most interesting and truly challenging key marketing concept that has remained a primary concern of organizations, particularly business, is consumer behavior. As what marketing pundits continue to uphold in their writings, a study of consumer behavior is rather complex and, consequently, requires not only the use of updated marketing tools and models but also reference to a host of factors that impact, revolve around, or are very much inherent in the individual consumer. These factors pertain to cultural, social, personal and psychological aspects of the individual. And for marketing people to have a near accurate gauge of consumer behavior, all such factors must be studied.