vol. 4, no. 1 (1991)
DLSU Business & Economics Review


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An Annual Philippine Macroeconometric Model using Thirty-Six Equations Solved under a Dynamic Simultaneous System

Roberto B. Raymundo

Discipline: Economics, Business

An Assessment of Welfare in the Philippines as measured by the Physical Quality of Life Index (1965-88)

Malathie Disanayaka | Mohammad I. Danuningrat

Discipline: Economics, Business

Some Eruptions in the Philippine Socioeconomic Volcano: Historical Perspectives of Filipino Responses to the Conditions of Income and Wealth Redistribution

Perfecto B. Abayan

Discipline: Economics, Business

The Role of Tax Exemptions in Enhancing the Efficiency of Government Financed Public Utilities: A Case Study of the National Power Corporation

Darius Felipe De Las Alas | Allan Ted Talavera | Dennis Teodoro Tenorio

Discipline: Economics, Business

The Financial Consolidation of the Social Security System, Government Service Insurance System and Home Development Mutual Fund: A Means to Increase Monetary Benefits to Beneficiaries

Perlie Ang | Maximo Chiongson | Benigno Tobias | Yuh Wenyu

Discipline: Economics, Business

The Development of Long-Term Credit for Small and Medium Enterprises

Charles Chen

Discipline: Economics, Business

The Role of Wholesale Banking in the Development of Domestic Industries

Carlos V. De Castro Jr. | Maria Lourdes V. De Castro | Joanna Patricia P. Sangalang | Clarissa V. Villar

Discipline: Economics, Business

Business Practices of Sari-Sari Stores

Amelia C. Sanchez

Discipline: Economics, Business

A Conceptual Validation of Sherif's Trichotomy on the Latitudes (ZONES) of Acceptance, Neutrality and Rejection as Applied to Marketing-Related Issues

Rustica D. Badillo | Antonio Arevalo Jr.

Discipline: Economics, Business

Developing an Ideal Organizational Culture

Teresa C. Del Castillo

Discipline: Economics, Business