HomeLuz y Sabervol. 2 no. 1 (2008)

Love Management: A Paradigm Shift from a Heart in Hell to a Heart in Heaven

Raem R. Mendoza

Discipline: Religion, Theology



John W. Gardner said that men in the grimmest moments of modern industrialism were no more miserable than the Egyptian slaves who built the pyramids.  It is neither science nor advanced technology that caused the trouble.  The root of the difficulty is an attitude of mind that has never really died out in the world, nor perhaps even diminished greatly since the days of the Pharaohs---a willingness to sacrifice human values to other objectives.

He further claimed that life is harsh, and it has always been harsh.  The only sensible view of life is, and has always been, based on a clear-eyed recognition---not necessarily acceptance---of the elements of tragedy, irony an absurdity in life.

What do we do then to cope with life? Let me toy on the concept of love, which is the cause and the solution of our individual predicament, our communities and society as a whole.