HomeLUMINAvol. 20 no. 1 (2009)

Moral Implications of Eugenics

Protacio Man-on

Discipline: Science, Anthropology, Applied Sciences



Everyone likes to dream of a better society. But the question is how? Leaders of different countries throughout the world have always thought on how to improve their own society. The full development and betterment of a person’s being and that of society is the goal that eugenics attempted to realize. They wanted to create a superior, noble and intelligent race. To do this, there was a need to prevent contamination of the superior race, and to prevent more propagation of the inferior and undesirable race. In short, there is a need to wipe out the inferior-race types. They enacted programs, like, abortion, forced pregnancy, birth control, sterilization, etc. for the sole purpose of attaining the said goal. Are they successful in attaining their goal? Were they really after the development and betterment of humanity? Many people were claiming that they were after the good of the whole of humanity. Can we claim that the eugenicists are one of them?