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Center for Environmental Technologies Established

Saldañia, Rafael

Discipline: Science

Solstices in the Tropics

Roleda, Robert C.

Discipline: Science

Air Borne Lead Contamination of Trees in Metro Manila-A Study of Environmental Hazards Related to Leaded Fuels

De Jesus, Josefina | Woitke, Markus | Boots, Astrid | Ragragio, Elena

Discipline: Education, Science

Acetamide as potential C- and N-source of the extremely acid and heavy metal resistant filamentous fungus, Bispora sp.

Gimmler, Hartmut | De Jesus, Josefina | Boots, Astrid

Discipline: Education, Science

Conceptual Understanding of Forces Among Physics Majors

Roleda, Robert C.

Discipline: Education, Science

On Topologies and Reflexive Transitive Relations On Finite Sets

Diesto, Severino Docto

Discipline: Education, Science

The Spectra of Some Asymmetric, Circulant and r-regular Digraphs and their Complements

Jos, Isagani B.

Discipline: Education, Science

On Minimal Rigidity of Prisms

Gervacio, Severino V. | Rosalejos, Gloria A.

Discipline: Science

The Distribution and Relative Abundance of Medium-sized Arboreal Mammals at Mt. Mahuson, Mount Apo Key Biodiversity Area

Aya-ay, Adorico M.

Discipline: Science

Diversity and Status of Odonata across Vegetation Types in Mt. Hamiguitan Wildlife Sanctuary, Davao Oriental

Mohagan, Alma B. | Villanueva, Joseph Reagan

Discipline: Science

Birds of Malagos Watershed, Southeastern Philippines

Ibanez, Jayson C. | Del Rosario, Bernadette I. | Alviola, Geonyzl L. | Otado Y, Julie B.

Discipline: Science

Species Richness, Distribution, and Status of Mosses in Selected Mountains in Mindanao, Philippines

Lubos, Lesley C.

Discipline: Botany, Geology, Science

Annotated Checklist of Eels in Bago River, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Bucol, Abner A. | Menes, Carmen C.

Discipline: Biology, Science

The Use of a Kernel Ecological System in a Multi Species Predator-Prey Model and Climate Change Impact on Biodiversity

Padua, Roberto N.

Discipline: Science, Ecology

Hydrometeorological Risk Anaylysis on the City of Malabon

Banaguas, Glenn S.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Earth Science, Science

Impact Assessment of Super Typhoon Megi, "Juan", on the Philippine Agricultural Sector

Banaguas, Glenn S.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Earth Science, Science

Music on the Second Stage of Labor among Women in their First Pregnancy

Palompon, Daisy | Ysmael, Fleoy T. | Bejoc, Jillian A. | Elizon, Lagrimas G. | Gonzaga, Joni Inocencia | Cañeda, Hazel

Discipline: Psychology, Science, Medicine

Anthelminthic Effects of Processed Mature Betel Nut as Dewormer to Native Chicken and Small Ruminants (Sheep and Goats)

Tangalin, Moises Glenn G.

Discipline: Science, Veterinary Medicine

Vitamin D Receptor Gene Bsm1 Polymorphism Positively Correlates with Prostate Cancer

Baxa-daguplo, Bella Marilou | Calingacion, Nico | Villar, Van Anthony | Villanueva, Rebecca | Garinganao, Dinah | Santos, Remedios | Garcia, Rodrigo

Discipline: Biology, Science, Medicine

Preparation of the Blood-Enriched Agar with the Use of Red Cell Suspension

Magbojos, Carina R. | Aro, Richelle S. | Caringal, Ma. Charisma S. | Castillo, Melvin M. | Llanes, Darwin A. | Sumaray, Karen D.

Discipline: Biology, Science, Medicine

Investigating the Protective Effect of Solanum melongena

Kaneez, Fatima Shad | Gul, Saima | Ahmed, Sagheer | Gul, Humaira

Discipline: Biology, Science, Medicine

Fungi of Taal Volcano Protected Landscape, Southern Luzon, Philippines

Tadiosa, Edwin R. | Briones, Rommel U.

Discipline: Science, Bio-Diversity

Diversity Pattern of Butterfly Communities (Lepidoptera) at Mangrol Region of Kathiawar Peninsula, India

Vaghela, Ashokkumar | Bhadja, Poonam | Trivedi, Varsha

Discipline: Science, Bio-Diversity


Uriarte Jr., Filemon A.

Discipline: Engineering, Science

Influence of Interactive Science Centrum to Students’ Science Learning and Attitude

Sumanpan, Victoria O.

Discipline: Science, Technology

Pedagogy in Environmental Science for Nonscience Students in Higher Education of Southern Philippines

Del Rosario, Bernadette I.

Discipline: Science, Society

Vision for Science Research at DLSU towards the Year 2000

Gonzales, Andrew

Discipline: Science

K+ Homeostasis in Dunaliella Acidophila

Carandang VI, Jose Santos

Discipline: Biology, Science

Developing the Application of a Fuzzy Expert System in Altshuller’s Contradiction Matrix

Co, Celso | Caluyo, Felicito S.

Discipline: Science

Assessment and ANN Modeling of Noise Levels at Major Road Intersections in an Indian Intermediate City

Parbat, Dhananjay K. | Nagarnaik, Pharshant B.

Discipline: Science

First Report of Perkinsus sp. in Cultured Oysters Along the Coastal Waters of Manila Bay, Philippines

Contreras, Anthony Joseph M. | Sacmar, Lindel A. | Molina, Daryne Claire F. | Evangelista Jr., Pablo | Lalas, James Kason P. | Villones, Jyle Chito E.

Discipline: Science

Readiness, Difficulty, and Competency in General Chemistry: Basis for Developing an Enrichment Strategy

Solis-foronda, Marisol

Discipline: Education, Science

Learning Style and Students’ Achievement in Science

Lao, Sharon | Busilaoco, Francis C.

Discipline: Education, Science

Organopesticidal Property of Callophylum inophyllum L: For a Healthier Living Condition

Florendo, Petronila E. | Rojas, Charo B. | Ilac, Adora G.

Discipline: Science, medical

Chlorophyll and Chlorophyll Doped Elastomer as Instructional Materials in Teaching Fluorescence

Janer Renovalles, Maria Flora P. | Guerrero, Raphael A.

Discipline: Science

Microbial Level and Pesticide Residues of Golden Snail (pomacea canaliculata): Basis for Potential Food Consumption

Gruyal, Virginia B.

Discipline: Science

Prevalence and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern of Methicillin Resistance Staphylococcus aureus in Khartoum Sudan

Nafi, Mohammed | Eldaif, W | Fadl-almula, E.

Discipline: Science

Factors Enhancing Apoptosis In Vivo through a Caspase-3, Bax, PARP-1 and NFkB Expression in Mice Gingival Epithelium

Setiawatie, Ernie Maduratna

Discipline: Science

Human SNPs Resulting in Novel Mutation of HLA-DRB1 Gene for Salivary sIgA Secretion

Soesilawati, Pratiwi | Notopuro, Harianto | Istiati, Istiati | Baktir, Afaf

Discipline: Science

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Promoter Gen Il-10 as Predictor Disease Activities of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in Javanese Patients

Yuliasih, Yuliasih

Discipline: Science

Effect of Delay Processing on Leukocyte Counts on Cerebrospinal Fluid from Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Patients

Damian, Karen B. | Macasaet, Paolo S. | Atun, Jenny Maureen L.

Discipline: Science

Blood Cell Increasing Activity and Nutritional Value of Formulated Suspension from Guyabano (Annona muricata L., Annonaceae) Crude Leaf Extract

Vicente-tablizo, Marilou L.

Discipline: Science

Value-Adding of Cordillera Pork-based Ethnic Food Delicacy (Etag) for Commercialization

Maddul, Sonwright B. | Batani, Ruth S. | Balauro, Sherilyn B. | Garambas, Cynthia D. | Walsiyen, Myrna B.

Discipline: Science

The Effect of Bitter Gourd Fruit to the Blood Sugar Level of Type 2 Diabetics

Sta. Teresa, Marjorie Rubi

Discipline: Science

Conformance to Hardy-Weinberg Principle of Selected Phenotypes’ Transmission through Three Generations in Davao City, Philippines

Limjuco, Renan P. | Barluado, Mary Jane G. | Cedeño, Babes Mariel

Discipline: Science

Evaluation of Plasma Zinc Status of Roosters Fed Diet with Zinc Oxide or Zinc Methionine

Bulao, Maria Fe S.

Discipline: Science

Platelet-increasing Activity of Native Durian (Durio zibenthus) Fresh Hull and Hull Extract on Azathioprine-induced Rabbits

Barluado, Mary Jane G. | Bacon, Queen Jane | Condino, Jay | Degala, Candes Antonette | Jagonia, Brenz | Guinea, Cheyenne Maureen | Plaza, Ghia Patricia

Discipline: Science

Assessment of the Quality of Family Planning Services in Selected Service Delivery Points in the Philippines

Osteria, Trinidad S.

Discipline: Health, Science

Information System to Monitor Health Outcomes: Some Imperatives

Lamberte, Exaltacion E.

Discipline: Health, Science

Community-Based Health Programs and Their Sustainability

Manlagnit, Alicia B.

Discipline: Health, Science

Exploring High School Students' Views Regarding the Nature of Scientific Theory: A Study in Taiwan

Tsai, Chin-chung | Wen, Meichun Lydia | Kuo, Pi-chu | Chang, Chun-yen

Discipline: Education, Science

The Helium Neon Gas Laser: Principles and Application

Kho, Luke

Discipline: Science

DLSU Science and Humanities Lectures: Strategies of Development

Ablaza, Christina R.

Discipline: Education, Science, Humanities

Science: General (3646-3751) to Medicine and Health Sciences (3793-3866)

Foronda Jr., Marcelino A. | Foronda, Cresencia R.

Discipline: Science


Morales, Marie Paz E.

Discipline: Science

A Permeability-Porosity-Saturation Correlation for Niger Delta

Samuel, Ubanatu | Kevin, Igwilo

Discipline: Science

The Messier Objects as a Tool in Teaching Astronomy

Torres, Jesus Rodrigo F.

Discipline: Science

Phytochemical Analysis of Bangbangsit a Bilidan (Labiatae sp)

Caban, Cirilo M. | Unciano, Jose C. | Gerona, Irene Melanie V. | Talania, Jasonjohn

Discipline: Science, Medicine, Agriculture

Phytochemical Constituents of Kalunay Leaves and Roots (Amaranthus spinosus L.)

Queddeng, Mercita Q.

Discipline: Science, Agriculture

Isocyanate Bonded Medium Density Chicken Feather Fiberboard Overlaid with Mangium (Acacia mangiumWilld) Veneers

Rabajante Saipudin, Hideliza B.

Discipline: Science

Asexual Propagation and Performance ofIndigenous Tree Species on VariousGrowing Media/Substrates

Barre, Ardel S. | Diamante, Cecile C.

Discipline: Science

Moral Implications of Eugenics

Man-on, Protacio

Discipline: Science, Anthropology, Applied Sciences

Phytochemical Screening of Wellawel (Chromolaena odorata) Leaves, its Antimicrobial and Coagulative Properties

Supnet, Gemma Agnes R. | Reotutar, Larguita P.

Discipline: Science, Technology, Agriculture

Species Diversity, Density and Diameter of Different Bamboo Species in Maasin, Iloilo, Central Philippines

Mendoza, Joselito Trandio P.

Discipline: Science, Bio-Diversity

High Volume Low Density Culture of Milkfish (Chanos chanos Forsskal) in Floating Net Cages at North Bais Bay Manjuyod-side, Negros oriental

Manzano, Roger Ray S. | Uy, Peter L. | Ganancial Jr., Renato H.

Discipline: Fisheries, Science

Water Quality of the Main Water Source of Village Ambassador, Tublay, Benguet using the Allium cepa Test

Doctor, Teresita R. | Manuel, Jay Jay F. | Rivera, Marites P. | Kebasen, Chester A. | Bulayungan, Faize L.

Discipline: Science, Toxicology

Development of a Sugar Free Chewy Candy Utilizing Pili Pulp Flour and Oil

Cambaliza, Concepcion J. | De Jesus, Geraldine F. | Catabian, Sofia V.

Discipline: Education, Science

Common Sleeping - Related Problems and Illnesses of Persons who Stayed within Geopathic Stress Zone

Convocar, Jeremias L.

Discipline: Science, Allied Health

Level of Awareness on Health Effects of Second Hand Tobacco Smoke among Nonsmokers in Selected Bars in Cagayan De Oro City

Ampong, April Kristy C. | Francisco, Karlo Misael N. | Manganar, Maria Amor C. | Manoto, Anthony Oliver B. | Quabo, Septchie C. | Vale, Lainie D. | Sy, Ester

Discipline: Health, Science, Nursing

Level of Independence in Performing Activities of Daily Living among Older Persons in Barangay Kauswagan, Cagayan De Oro City

Arrojado, Donald A. | Elio, Angela Corazon B. | Gebe, Mary Hope Charmaine P. | Ipanag, Kristine M. | Ladlad, Justine B. | Palarca, Eden A. | Basas, Emmie G.

Discipline: Health, Science, Nursing

Extent of Nursing Care Rendered By Student Nurses among Postpartum Clients

Basas, Emmie G. | Dacalos, Felipe Gerard G. | Jacobe, Jeliustriztan I. | Ledesma, Odessa Adl B. | Lingat, Angela Michaela F. | Lingat, Renie M.

Discipline: Health, Science, Nursing

Clinical Environment and Critical Thinking Skills among Graduating Nursing Students of Liceo De Cagayan University

Acain, Kate June F. | Acuesta, Rubievicky Lyn C. | Barcubero, Rudson Czar S. | Gaabucayan, Rex Januarius R. | Kwong, Maryliet T. | Role, Remedios S. | Medio, Diana April R.

Discipline: Health, Science, Nursing

Environmental Management Practices: Their Impact on Family Health of the Households at Sitio Parola, Macabalan, Cagayan De Oro City

Ellevera, April Ann A. | Luzano, Dafoodil O. | Pabelic, Jibsonjanry U. | Lopez, Joelle Christyne M. | Narisma, Loui John R. | Vasig, Sheila May N. | Baluran, Florence

Discipline: Health, Science, Nursing

Ang mga Teorya ng Relatividad ni Albert Einstein: Isang Pagsusuri sa Kahandaan ng Wikang Filipino sa Pagtalakay sa mga Paksa ng Makabagong Agham

Demeterio Iii, Feorillo P.

Discipline: Science, Filipino Language

Comparative Effects of Root-Knot Nematode Meloidogyne Incognita on Yield Performance of Seven Asian Rice and 13 Oryza Sativa/O. Glaberrima Interspecific Progenies

Afolami, S. O. | Orisajo, S. B. | Fademi, O. A.

Discipline: Science, Agriculture

Evaluation of CMS Lines for Various Floral Traits that Influence Outcrossing in Rice (Oryza Sativa L.)

Singh, A K. | Singh, A. | Singh, R. J. | Shirisha, Y.

Discipline: Science, Agriculture

Distribution of p-SINE1-r2 at the Wx Locus in Cultivated and Wild Rice in Thailand

Prathepha, P.

Discipline: Science, Agriculture

Lienge, a New Medium-Duration Upland Rice Variety Released in Republique Democratique du Congo

Kasongo, K. | Mateso, B. | Mbuya, K.

Discipline: Science, Agriculture

First Semidwarf Boro Rice (Oryza Sativa) Germplasm Collected in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India, Breeds True

Chaudhary, R C. | Chaudhary, N. | Verma, I. J. | Dubey, D. N. | Chaturvedi, O. N.

Discipline: Science, Agriculture

Basmati 2000 — an Extra Long-Grained Aromatic Rice Variety in Punjab, Pakistan

Khan, M.g. | Sabar, M. | Akhter, M.

Discipline: Science, Agriculture

The Effect of Nitrogen on Rice Grain Iron

Rerkasem, B. | Prom-u-thai, C.

Discipline: Science, Agriculture

Comparative Analysis of Carcass Yield and Quality, Physical, Chemical and Sensory Properties of Chevon from Different Breeds of Goats (Capra Hircus)

Roxas, Ninfa P. | Bondoc, Orville L. | Abanto, Oliver D. | Garcia, Beatriz R. | Beltran, Elizabeth D. | Rapusas, Maribel d. | Gomez, Bryan C. | Gomez, Iluminada V.

Discipline: Science, Breding Methods

A Case Study of the Indigenous Technology for Making White Soft Cheese Kesong Puti In Lumban, Laguna, Philippines

Aquino, Erika M. | Tapay, Nenita E. | Barraquio, Virginia L.

Discipline: Social Science, Science, Technology

Electrocardiographic T-wave Vectorial Directions in Philippine Thoroughbred Racehorses

Gicana, Karlo Romano B. | Encisa, Ryan Pierce A.

Discipline: Science, Animal Science

What Is Physics?

Gonzalez, Salvador R.

Discipline: Science

Science, Technology And Economics

Gonzales, Salvador Roxas

Discipline: Science

Aspects of Climate Change Induced by Human Activities: Impact on Global Natural Disaster Mortality

Borres, Mark S. | Villanueva, Tonette M. | Tupas, Robert John G. | Serad, Joel V.

Discipline: Science

Students’ Assessment of Facilities and Services of Baliuag University Science Laboratories

Villaroman, Carmelita M. | Gonzalez, Jesamine M. | Tuazon, Debbie Ann S.

Discipline: Science

Otorhinolaryngologic Manifestations of human Immunodefciency Virus Infection in Manila, the Philippines

Chua, Antonio H. | Arriola, Anna Carlissa P. | Tactacan Abrenica, Rosario Jessica F.

Discipline: Health, Science

Value of the 6-hour Postoperative Ionized Calcium Slope in Predicting Post- Thyroidectomy Occurrence of hypocalcemia

Cruz, Emmanuel Tadeus S. | Cabance, Ryan E.

Discipline: Health, Science

Complications of head and Neck Reconstructive Surgery Using Axial Pedicled Flap

Dy, Alexander Edward S. | Alfanta, Eduard M. | Chiong Jr., Armando M.

Discipline: Health, Science

Extended Transpalatine Approach for Excision of Juvenile Angiofibroma

Hernandez, Josefino G. | Carrillo, Ryner Jose C. | Cabungcal, Arsenio Claro A.

Discipline: Health, Science

Spontaneous Passage of Ingested Coin in Children

Chua, Antonio H. | Estolano, Patrick Joseph L.

Discipline: Health, Science

Chemodectoma and Tetralogy of Fallot

Castañeda, Samantha S. | Roldan, Rodante A. | Santiago, Kathleen Joy B. | Samio, Lian Melissa R.

Discipline: Health, Science

Descending Necrotizing Mediastinitis, A Dreaded Complication of Acute Tonsillitis

Cruz, Emmanuel Tadeus S. | Go, Ma. Stephanie C.

Discipline: Health, Science

Sinonasal Ameloblastic Carcinoma in a 50-year-old Filipino Female: Continuing Tale of the Unexpected

Del Mundo, Daryl Anne A.

Discipline: Health, Science

Primary Laryngeal Aspergillosis in a Postpartum Patient

Opulencia, Alejandro P. | Lim, William S. | Villanueva, Jose Carlo R. | Calavera, Kenneth Z.

Discipline: Health, Science

A Myringotomy and Ventilating Tube Applicator: New Look at a Five-Century-Old Procedure

Sia-vargas, Lily L. | Amable, Jay Pee M.

Discipline: Health, Science

Stridor at Birth: Congenital Laryngeal Web

Pascual, Ma. Victoria P.

Discipline: Health, Science

hypopharyngeal, Supraglottic and Subglottic Stenosis after 1-Week Intubation

Reyes, Niel Khangel S.

Discipline: Health, Science

Metastasizing Ameloblastoma

Atun, Jenny Maureen L. | Carnate, Jr., Jose M.

Discipline: Health, Science

Nursing Context-Based Instruction Effects on Student Achievement and Attitude in Biochemistry

Fernandez, Katherine N.

Discipline: Chemistry, Science

The Effects of Abelmoschus esculentus and Syzygium cumini on the Blood Glucose Levels of Albino Mice: A Comparative Study

Briones, Marie Christine R.

Discipline: Biology, Science

Ratooning Response of Lowland Rice (Oryza sativa L.) var. PSB Rc22 to Production Management Practices

Banoc, Dionesio M. | Asio, Victor B.

Discipline: Mathematics, Science

Construction of Difference Sets from Unions of Cyclotomic Classes of Order N=14

Estrella, Benedict M.

Discipline: Mathematics, Science

Developing Students’ Conceptual Understanding Using Interactive Notebook: A Quasi-Experimental Study

Elechicon, Joey | Paris, Peter Ernie

Discipline: Science

Building Scientific Capability: Understanding Science Teachers' Experiences and Perceptions in Using DepEd Science Equipment

Villaran, Richez

Discipline: Science