HomeLUMINAvol. 20 no. 2 (2009)

Reconstructing Identities: Through Resistance in Postcolonial Women's Writing: A Reading of Ezeigbo's the Last of the Strong Ones

Omolola Ladele

Discipline: Social Science, Identity



Issues of identity are germane in the present-day dispensations of constantly reconstituting politics, gender identities, personal, national and international relations, especially as identities are understood relationally. In various fields of interactions, this is further accentuated in the light of changing patterns of reterritorializations and globalizations, as well as personal/ gender reassignments. And these possibilities continue to enlarge. But for the "Third World" woman (we use this term very self --consciously) in a postcolonial context, the identity issue is indeed central. Postcolonial women writers from Africa for example, keenly textualize women's identities through their fictional narratives, dramas and poetry.