vol. 20, no. 2 (2009)


LUMINA (formerly KINAADMAN) is a refereed, interdisciplinary, research and scholarly journal of Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City, published every October and March of each year by the HNU Publication Office. It publishes articles from HNU academic community, alumni, and other scholars from the Philippines and other countries throughout the globe. Research and scholarly papers in the basic and applied sciences, viz.: social, theological, philosophical, anthropological, natural and applied sciences, among others, and book reviews are accepted in this journal. LUMINA is a Latin word which means "light" or "illumination" - one which is indispensably needed by a person who is searching for something in a research, be it applied or pure. Therefore, the journal serves as the canticle of all the outputs of scholarly and professional research.

Publisher: Holy Name University

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Category: Education & Educational Research | Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary |

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The Role of Religion in the Institution of Chieftaincy: The Case of the Akan of Ghana

Samuel Awuah-nyamekye

Discipline: Religion

On Filipino Social Conscience

Christopher Ryan Maboloc

Discipline: Social Science, Humanities

Education: It's Salvific and Transformative Role in Bringing Development to the Filipinos through Philosophy

Eddie R. Babor

Discipline: Education, Philosophy

Ang Balangkas ng Multikulturalismo at ang Pagbubuo ng Bansang Pilipino

Feorillo Petronilo Demeterio Iii

Discipline: Cultural Studies, Philippine Studies

Church of the Poor: Revisiting the Catholic Social Teachings of the Church

Ferdinand M. Mangibin

Discipline: Religion, Theology

Friedrich Nietzsche: A Philosopher of Immoralism?

Rafael D. Pangilinan

Discipline: Philosophy

The Five Pillars of Islam and National Development in Nigeria

Musa O. Adeniyi

Discipline: Religion, Theology

Evil and the Problem of Divine Benevolence: A Propaedeutic Reading of an Age-old Puzzle

Christopher Agulanna

Discipline: Philosophy, Religion, Theology

The Nature of Evil and Human Wickedness in Traditional African Thought: Further Reflections on the Philosophical Problem of Evil

Oladele Balogun Abiodun

Discipline: Philosophy, Religion

Self Identity and Chieftancy Titles among the Igbo of Southeastern Nigeria

Chinyere Ukpokolo

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science

Feminism and the Search for an Epistemic Self-portrait

Isaac E. Ukpokolo

Discipline: Philosophy, Values

Reconstructing Identities: Through Resistance in Postcolonial Women's Writing: A Reading of Ezeigbo's the Last of the Strong Ones

Omolola Ladele

Discipline: Social Science, Identity

A Re-reading of the Interface between Satire and Philosophy

Emmanuel Folorunso Taiwo

Discipline: Philosophy

Hobbes' Political Theory and the New Global Order

Francis Offor

Discipline: Political Science, Political Philosophy

Technologizing Oral Texts: Archiving Yoruba Oral Literature through New Technological Media

Arinpe Adejumo

Discipline: Literature, Oral Literature

Poverty as Statescraft: Preliminary Reflection on African Leadership

Adeshina L. Afolayan

Discipline: Political Science, African Politics, Leadership

Univira: The Ideal Roman Matrona

Olankunbi O. Olasope

Discipline: Social Science