HomeLUMINAvol. 21 no. 2 (2010)

The Life Story of Engr. Arturo Francisco Eustaquio (1909-1984)

Michael Vincent P. Caceres

Discipline: Religion, Theology



This paper is a biography of Engr. Arturo Francisco Eustaquio from Marikina who became a well-loved servant of the people of Zamboanga. He lived in three significant periods of our history: the American Occupation, the Japanese Occupation, and during the Post Independence. The paper explores the life of a man and the events during his time. He was born during the American occupation; it was a period of struggle towards self-independence and his life was interrupted during the Japanese occupation. The education that he acquired from the University of the Philippines became his passport for greener pasture when he left Marikina for Zamboanga, which was then becoming an urban city under the American administration. Things turned differently after the post independence in shaping the history of Zamboanga. And his journey continued to touch the many lives he has encountered in that beautiful place called Zamboanga.