HomeNursing Research Journalvol. 5 no. 1 (2009)

Extent of Nursing Care Rendered By Student Nurses among Postpartum Clients

Felipe Gerard G. Dacalos | Jeliustriztan I. Jacobe | Odessa Adl B. Ledesma | Angela Michaela F. Lingat | Renie M. Lingat | Emmie G. Basas

Discipline: Health, Science, Nursing



This descriptive study conducted in hospitals in Cagayan de Oro City - Justiniano R. Borja Memorial City Hospital (JRBCH), Cagayan de Oro Medical Center (COMC), Sabal Doctors Hospital (SDH), and Cagayan de Oro Polymedic General Hospital (CDOPGH), aimed to determine how postpartum clients perceive the extent of nursing care provided by student nurses of the aforementioned hospitals.

The only criteria for choosing the respondents were that they should be patients of the mentioned hospitals and that they are postpartum clients that are taken care of by student nurses. There are 26 postpartum-respondents and 22 student-nurses included. A modified questionnaire was the main tool in gathering the data and was administered during a 3-day period.

The findings of the study were divided into the following aspects: therapeutic communication: establishing rapport and gaining trust, therapeutic communication: manner of communication, physical care: attentiveness/anticipation, physical care: competence, physical care: control of environment, and teaching collaboration: flexibility.