HomeTIP Research Journal Manilavol. 4 no. 1 (2007)

Gender Sensitivity of Freshman Students of TIP Manila for SY 2006-2007: Inputs for Intervention Program Development

Jeffrey Bartilet | Ronan S. Estoque

Discipline: Social Science



The Philippines, as in any society, is a heterogeneous society characterized not only of a wide economic stratification but also of ethnic, religion, educational and gender division and distribution. There is then a necessary and expedient need to conduct and produce studies and researches in the field of social science and community development, as it is a part of its mandate to achieve excellence and geographically, a part of a larger society that becomes more complex, stratified and much more open to changes.

This study was aimed at trying to delineate the interdisciplinary assessment of gender sensitivity among freshmen students enrolled in the Technological Institute of the Philippines, Manila, School Year 2006-2007. The descriptive method with a self-structured questionnaire as the main source of empirical data was used while the random sampling technique was utilized to identify the respondents.