vol. 4, no. 1 (2007)
TIP Research Journal Manila


The TIP Research Journal is the official publication of the Technological Institute of the Philippines. It publishes featured researches and abstracts of studies by research proponents in different academic departments and non-academic units of the Institute.

Featured researches are the winners in the search for Best Chair, Best Faculty and Best Non-Teaching Employee Researches. It also includes researches which have been presented in conferences in the local forum.

Publisher: Technological Institute of the Philippines - Manila

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Category: Multidisciplinary | Education & Educational Research |

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Potential of Reinforced Rice Hull and Coconut Coir Composite Utilizing Waste Low Density Polyethylene for the Furniture Industry

Cecilia P. General

Discipline: Economics, Industrial Science

Effect of Cut Pre-stressed Steel Tendon Wires on the Structural Strength of Normal Concrete

Nahum L. Bravo

Discipline: Industrial Engineering

Development of a PC-Based Shoe-size Measurement with Inventory System*

Jennifer B. Enriquez

Discipline: Computer Science, Information Technology, Technology

Socio-Economic Impact of Commuters’ Experiences and Possible Jeepney Ergonomic Redesign

Elnora T. Lucero

Discipline: Economics, Socioeconomics

Development of Non-Load Bearing Hollow Blocks Utilizing Coconut Shells in Concrete Mixture

Merlin D. Herrera

Discipline: Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering

Development of a Microcontroller-Based System for Growing Lettuce

Armie R. Cruz | Marte D. Nipas | Myra M. Ramos | Liza R. Ramos

Discipline: Agriculture, Environmental Engineering

The Employability and Productivity od TIP Engineering Graduates, SY 2004-2005

Jasmin D. Niguidula

Discipline: Economics, Education, Social Science

Development and Evaluation of Classroom Schedule Generator (CSG): An Expert System Using Microsoft Visual Basic

Charlemagne G. Laviña

Discipline: Computer Science, Information Technology

Development of a Computer-Based Instructional Module in Accounting for Business Combinations and its Effectiveness

Antonio S. Abel

Discipline: Computer Science, Information Technology

Power Usage of PCs and Monitors: Inputs to Power Management Planning and Policy Formulation

Ricardo P. Torio

Discipline: Computer Science, Information Technology

A Proposed Comprehensive Land Use Plan for Calapan City, Calapan Oriental Mindoro for CY 2007-2012

Edgar M. Chavez

Discipline: Social Science, Geology, Governance

Developmet of JAVA Development Resource Center in TIP

Jonathan M. Caballero

Discipline: Computer Science, Information Technology

Political-Economic Impact of TIP Within its Vicinity

Ronan S. Estoque

Discipline: Economics, Social Science, Political Science

Formative Assessment of the Learning Resource Center in Ramon Avanceña High School as a School-Based Program in Mathematics

Adrian G. Cruz

Discipline: Mathematics, Education

Acceptability of LPG as Fuel for Cars

Nicanor L. Serrano

Discipline: Economics, Mechanical Engineering

Determinants of the Acceptability of Selected Metro Manila Marine Student Graduates by Shipping Companies for Apprenticeship

Gerardo T. Tañada

Discipline: Economics, Education, Maritime Studies

Enhancing the Physical Education Development Program of TIP Manila Based on the Student Needs and Preferences

Africa D. Manalo

Discipline: Education

Effectiveness of Using Practice Sets in Marketing 123

Carolina D. Garcia

Discipline: Marketing

Predictors of Relevance of Rizal Course

Ronald M. Corpuz

Discipline: Education, Social Science

Levels of Mathematical Ability of the Engineering and Accountancy Students of TIP Manila: Perspectives for Instructional Materials Development

Rogelio G. Dela Cruz

Discipline: Mathematics, Education, Accountancy, Engineering

Gender Sensitivity of Freshman Students of TIP Manila for SY 2006-2007: Inputs for Intervention Program Development

Jeffrey Bartilet | Ronan S. Estoque

Discipline: Social Science

Enhancing the Curriculum in Urban Planning on Architectural Components of Solid Waste Management

Jefferson L. Canare

Discipline: Environmental Studies

Factors of Water Quality and Sanitation in Barrio Manggalang, Quezon: An Initiative for TIP’s Community Outreach Program

Leonardo C. Sawal

Discipline: Ecology, Agriculture

Correlates of Consumption Expenditures and Coping Mechanisms of First Year College of Business Education Students in TIP Manila

Antonio S. Abel | Ginavee F. Dapula

Discipline: Education, Social Science

Development of an Automated Competency Exam Analyzer with Interactive Feedback Mechanism and its Effectiveness

Jester L. Bensan | Policarpio D. Tena Iii

Discipline: Education, Information Technology

Correlates of TIP VOICE Customer Preferences

Claudio V. Tabotabo

Discipline: Education, Social Science

Development of a Proposed Syllabus for English 113

Claudio V. Tabotabo | Ronan S. Estoque

Discipline: Education, Languages

Effectiveness of a Modular Instruction in Komunikasyon sa Akademikong Filipino

Leticia D. Espina

Discipline: Education, Languages

Development of a Software-Based Electrical Expansion Program for TIP Manila Founder’s Building

Eric L. Ybañez

Discipline: Information Technology, Electrical, Computer Technology

Development of a Line Fault Indicator-Locator as an Electrical Protector

Marianne F. Laz

Discipline: Electrical, Electrical Engineering

Development of an Alternative Material for Acoustics Using Coconut Coir Fiber

Richel N. Robles

Discipline: Industrial Science

Development of a Web-Based Prototype of the Design of C-Program Composers

Ma. Gracia Corazon E. Sicat

Discipline: Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Technology

Development of an Interactive Multitasking Module in Teaching Ethics for IT Professionals

Susan S. Caluya

Discipline: Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Technology

Determinants of Students’ Performance in Algebra

Bernardo B. Lambitco | Marianne F. Laz | Gerardo C. Malab

Discipline: Mathematics, Education

Effectiveness of a Module in the Teaching of Selected Topics in Engineering Physics I

Ofelia B. Chua | Edna L. Jacinto | Vilma G. Santos

Discipline: Physics, Education, Study and Teaching

Compacting Machine for Segregated Tin and Aluminum Cans

Inocentes S. Queroljico | Nicanor L. Serrano

Discipline: Engineering, Industrial Engineering

Predictors of Licensure Examination Performance of TIP Bachelor of Science in Marine Trsansportation Graduates, Officer-In-Charge level

Danilo S. Sotelo | Gerardo T. Tañada

Discipline: Education, Maritime Studies

Factors Related to the Decision of High School Students to enroll in TIP:Towards and Enhanced Marketing Plan

Praxedis S. Marquez

Discipline: Education, Marketing

Multi-Disciplinary Competency Based Assessment (MCBAS) Online: A Web-Based Examination Generator

Mark Gil C. Mercado | Allan D. Go

Discipline: Education, Computer Science, Information Technology

Relation of Students’ Awareness of School Rules and Regulations to Institutional Discipline

Enrico P. Chavez

Discipline: Education, Social Science

Effectivenss of Counselling as a Retention Intervention Strategy for Academic Probation at TIP Manila: A Follow-Up Study

Rosalinda R. Papa | Amor C. Salvador

Discipline: Education, Psychology

Review of The Various Technology Transfer Projects of TIP Manila Community Development Program, SY 2005-2007

Adelina I. Ranga | Jesusa N. Padilla

Discipline: Information Technology