HomeTIP Research Journal Manilavol. 4 no. 1 (2007)

Correlates of TIP VOICE Customer Preferences

Claudio V. Tabotabo

Discipline: Education, Social Science



No study about the TIP Voice had been made since its maiden issue in the early seventies. This paper exists unchecked whether it answers the needs of the students as its customers, or whether it works in accordance with the current demands.

Students ask if the editorial staff of TIP Voice has a plan of revising the format of the paper and to change the subjects being covered. There are some who boldly said they do not like to read a certain portion of the paper. While others are candid enough to say that the TIP Voice does not meet their expectations as readers of the paper.

It is the position of the readers towards the TIP Voice, the scenario that compelled the editorial staff to hold this research. Generally, the study aimed to find out whether the TIP Voice and customers’ preference have a significant correlation. Specifically, it answered the questions relating to the readers’ demographic profile, preferences and staff’ journalistic background.

The study used a questionnaire as the main instrument in gathering data. Previous issues were also reviewed to find out the improvement of paper statistics since its maiden issue in the early 70’s. To analyze the data, the study used the correlational statistics particularly the Pearson r.