HomeTIP Research Journal Manilavol. 4 no. 1 (2007)

Development of a Web-Based Prototype of the Design of C-Program Composers

Ma. Gracia Corazon E. Sicat

Discipline: Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Technology



Programming today remains the fundamental challenge of Computer Science. But programming is still learned and understood through time-consuming means and in truly tedious ways. Creating an algorithm and producing from it a program that is useful and effective is often a difficult endeavor.

This study was focused on the origination of a design framework for the construction of program composer. Through this framework, computer programs could be easily constructed and allow the automatic generation of visual representations for program elements and the automatic generation of the traditional, non-graphical program source code presented in the usual text format.

The C program composers were built around the design framework with the programming language Java and Dreamweaver as the main tools of developing the prototype.