HomeTIP Research Journal Quezon Cityvol. 5 no. 1 (2008)

Transferees’ Decision to Enroll at the Technological Institute of the Philippines: Input to the Institution’s Holding Power

Rosalia F. Gabuya



It sometimes happen that the school where students enroll right after high school is not the good choice despite extensive research into picking the right school. It is very likely that he chose his current school with no intention of transferring but found out later that something did not quite fit. The study sought to find out transferees’ real reasons in choosing a transfer school to serve as input to the institutions’ holding power.

The subjects of the study were 88 transferee students who chose TIP as their transfer school and who were randomly selected. The research instrument is a 27-item survey questionnaire that measured the identified factors and reasons in relation to their choice of school. Arithmetical mean was used to identify the ranking of variables. In addition, the study included 12 transferee students from other schools but who did not choose TIP as their new school for the purpose of soliciting deeper insights on the respondents’ answer to the survey instrument Based on the data gathered from the respondents who did not enroll at TIP, both institutional image and good instructional facilities ranked the highest. It means that the two factors were very highly influential in their choice of school. Highly influential factors were preparing for the job they want, ample/updated book collection, peer influence and high licensure passing percentage. On the other hand, factors such as affordability, support from higher administration, alliances with schools and industries, ease in getting course requisites, could not get into the preferred school, awards and recognition were found influential in choosing a school. Fairly influential were factors such as clean, supportive and encouraging environment, accreditation, comparable with other school, parental influence and research-oriented. Factors found least influential were faculty and students worked closely together, accessibility, active and vibrant campus, and computerized operations. The respondents, however, were not concerned with the following factors such as advertisement, community service, health and safety provisions, and school preferred does not offer desired program.