HomeTIP Research Journal Quezon Cityvol. 5 no. 1 (2008)

The Potential of a Web Portal of Professional Subject—Data Structures at the Technological Institute of the Philippines

Rosmina Joy Cabauatan

Discipline: Information Technology, Technology



The study was conducted with the main thrust of developing a web portal of Professional Subject - Data Structures of the College of Information Technology Education and evaluated its potential to Technological Institute of the Philippines. Specifically, it aimed to embrace the web-based pedagogical fashion as a supplementary tool to cover curricular activities beyond the walls of the classroom. Distinctively, the web portal provides a convenient, accessible and flexible solution to broaden the Data Structures program. Featured academic tasks include, lecture, assessment, announcement, download, links and inquiry.

The web portal was evaluated using ISO 9126 - Quality Software Standards. This includes software functionality, portability, maintainability, efficiency, applicability and reliability. This was administered to respondents regardless of subjects, status and web preferences.

After careful examinations of findings, it sum up that the web portal could help the College of Information Technology Education in its continuous quest for delivering quality instruction and would serve as an archetype for all colleges of the Technological Institute of the Philippines, thereby potentially providing an impact to quality and excellence.