Rosmina Joy Cabauatan


Rosmina Joy Cabauatan graduated with a BS Information Technology degree from St.Paul’s University in Tuguegarao, in 1998. She obtained her MS Information Technology from the University of La Sallette in 2002. She is currently taking PhD in Information Technology, where she has finished 18 units, from the same University. She became a full-time faculty member of the TIPQC CITE in June, 2004.

Papers2 Cites/Paper 37.50 Cites/Author/Year 2.21
Potential Citations75 Cites/Author 37.50 h-index2
Year(s)17 Papers/Author 1.00 g-index2
Cites/Year 4.41 Authors/Papers 1.00 hI,annual 1.53