HomeTIP Research Journal Quezon Cityvol. 5 no. 1 (2008)

Language Learning Strategies of Marine Engineering Student: Inputs to Faculty Development Program

Prescilla B. Luzong | Lorna R. Dimatatac | Mari Cris A. Azul

Discipline: Engineering, Study and Teaching



A Learning strategy is one of the tools used by students in learning. It also serves as a technique employed by the students to improve their ability in acquiring knowledge. In short, learning strategy is very vital to the students' performance inside the classroom where every available resource is utilized to effect learning.

The research employed descriptive method and used a survey questionnaire for data gathering. The sample is composed of one hundred forty Marine Engineering students from first to third year students during the first semester of SY 2006-2007. Percentages, ranks and weighted means were used for the interpretation and analysis of the data.

This study focused on the learning strategy employed by the marine engineering students in their daily performance inside the classroom. The result of the study showed that first year marine engineering students used cognitive strategy while second year marine engineering students employed metacognitive strategy and third year marine engineering students used memory strategy.

Based on the findings, the marine engineering students employed different learning strategies for each level, value the importance of practice in learning the second language as well as value the importance of self-assessment and self-correction in learning the second language. In addition, marine engineering students value the importance of memorization and the ability to remember pertinent information.