Prescilla B. Luzong



Prescilla B. Luzong is a BSE-English graduate from the Central Colleges of the Philippines in 1994. She obtained her Master of Arts in Teaching English Language Arts from the Philippine Normal University in 2005. A PBET-license older, Ms. Luzong has been a full-time faculty member of the HSS Department of TIPQC since 1996. 

Affiliates: Humanities and Social Sciences Department

Papers2 Cites/Paper 3.50 Cites/Author/Year 0.10
Potential Citations7 Cites/Author 1.75 h-index1
Year(s)17 Papers/Author 0.50 g-index2
Cites/Year 0.41 Authors/Papers 2.00 hI,annual 0.15