HomeIAMURE International Journal of Literature, Philosophy and Religionvol. 4 no. 1 (2013)

The Phenomenological Approach to News Writing: An Innovation

Glenn G. Pajares | Nestor Godofredo B. Ramirez | Percia A. Leyte

Discipline: Mass Communication



The orthodox way of Mass Communication and Journalism education is to let students undergo three years of lecture and have their internship on the fourth or last year of their college life. The process is effective, but there is a faster and a more effective way to learn news writing. The phenomenological Approach to writing news would allow students to learn the rudiments of writing news article through the reverse process of immersion to the field and later expound the phenomena that they went through during their exposure in the context of journalistic discipline.


The Phenomenological Approach to writing news article is the fastest and most effective way to teach students write news article because they would be exposed to the phenomena of identifying the topic to write about, interviewing of sources, weeding out of non-essential details and putting together the information into one coherent article. Expounding the phenomena that the students went through allows the students to absorb journalistic values easily by relating their experience to the theories of good journalism during the workshop.