Article List (w/ Mass Communication Discipline)

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Ethics of Business Ads Directed at Children*

Mabaquiao Jr., Napoleon M.

Discipline: Psychology, Marketing, Mass Communication

Theory and Practice Meet: Convergence Theory and Online Advertising

Egurube, Esther Oluwatosin Enazi

Discipline: Mass Communication, Advertising

Of Public Affairs, Products, and Persuasion: An Interview with Arnold Clavio

Aspiras, Mark Christopher G.

Discipline: Mass Communication

Death, Instructive and Persuasive

Sy Su, Chadwick C.

Discipline: Mass Communication

Marketing marries film: A Review of The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Gilbuena, Charmaine Merryll P.

Discipline: Mass Communication

Ding ang Bato! The Rise of Super Hero(ines) and Violence on Local Television

Brillon, Cherish Aileen A.

Discipline: Performing Arts, Mass Communication, Media

Nosebleed! Untangling the String of Inday Jokes in Computer-Mediated Communication

Dauz, Arvin William H.

Discipline: Mass Communication

Tear the Box: Deconstructing Sexualized Portrayals of Women in Idol Ko si Kap and Lagot Ka… Isusumbong Kita!

Castro, Joeven R.

Discipline: Mass Communication, Sociology

Emerging Social Structures of the Web: Implications of Social Network Sites to Web Communication

Pusta, Maria Gwenetha Ybanez

Discipline: Computer Science, Mass Communication, Media

The Generation Me: Commodification of Self in YouTube in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Brillon, Cherish Aileen A.

Discipline: Mass Communication, Media

The New Communicator: Serving and Becoming Consumers in a New Media Ecology

Bantugan, Brian S. | Ballecer, Emmanuel | Cagadas, Ruly | Chacko, Joy | Oyson, Manuel | Rondina, Johnathan

Discipline: Mass Communication, Media

When the newshound had to be the news: How print newswriters organize and present controversy hounding the press

Nivales, Maurie Liza M.

Discipline: Literature, Mass Communication

Blogosphere: A Case Study on the Role of Blogging in Today’s Electronic Age

Bermudez, Jay Klio | Tañedo, Rizaldy | Miranda, April Fortune

Discipline: Mass Communication, Media

Gender Sensitivity in the News Reportage of Women and Issues on the Front Page of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Philippine Star

Dominguiano, Marilou E.

Discipline: Mass Communication, Gender Studies

Attitudes toward Information and Communications Technology and its Usage: An Analysis of the Philippine Advertising Industry

Bondoc, Bernardita Gwynne P.

Discipline: Mass Communication, Advertising

Enhancing the On-the-Job Training Program of the Department of Communication, FEU Manila

Brillon, Cherish Aileen A.

Discipline: Mass Communication, Communications

Appropriating the Use of Edublogs on Senior Organizational Communication Students of the University of the Philippines- Manila: An Evaluation Study of Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory as Applied to Instructional Design

Pusta, Maria Gwenetha Ybanez

Discipline: Education, Social Science, Mass Communication

Film as Instructional Aid in Teaching Intonation: Effects on Performance and Attitude towards the Speech 1 Course

Velasquez, Damian Iii

Discipline: Social Science, Mass Communication, Media

Wowowee: A Tourist Attraction

Mamaclay, Karen | Adorador, Arra | Berlandino, Ana Rea | Rubiano, Carmela Ann

Discipline: Mass Communication, Media

Identifying Social Realism in Selected Films

Gordo, Ivee Joice | Karganilla, Joanne | Lazaro, Ma. Niña Angelica | Macariola, Louie | Rosello, Karl Thomas

Discipline: Mass Communication, Film

Attribution of Juvenile Offenders’ Sexual Offenses to Mass Media

Cruz, Jean Cattleya | De Bustos, Anne Gemini | Mañalac, Marie Frances | Nepomuceno, Wilfirida Lorraine

Discipline: Mass Communication, Media

Preferences of FM Radio Listeners in Cagayan De Oro City Based on the Functional Approaches of Broadcast Media

Reyes, Maria Elena C. | Balaba, Louise S. | Lesondra, Kamille Kaye R. | Libot, Francini Leah P. | Salvador, Stephanie Jean S.

Discipline: Mass Communication

Improving Social Media Response to Endorsement Marketing in an Endorser-Product Page

Emmanuel Santos, Jose Antonio

Discipline: Mass Communication, Social Studies

Social Media for Risk Management and Emergency Response for Philippine Local Government Units

Congjuico, Teresa S.

Discipline: Social Science, Mass Communication

Paggamit ng Natural Language Processing bilang Gabay sa Pagtuklas at Pagsiyasat ng Tema sa mga Tweet tuwing Halalan / Using Natural Language Processing in the Discovery and Analysis of Themes of Tweets during Elections

Cheng, Charibeth K. | Roxas, Rachel Edita | Pablo, Zelinna Cynthia | Roldan, Ma. Divina Gracia Z. | Oco, Nathaniel

Discipline: Mass Communication

The Phenomenological Approach to News Writing: An Innovation

Pajares, Glenn G. | Ramirez, Nestor Godofredo B. | Leyte, Percia A.

Discipline: Mass Communication


Lamostre, Harold Patricio A.

Discipline: Computer Science, Information Technology, Mass Communication

Effectiveness of Karapatan Mo, Karapatan Ko Din Campaign as Perceived by the Selected Persons with Disabilities of Marikina City

Panganiban, Iris G.

Discipline: Mass Communication

Traditional Versus New Media: Approach in Advice giving Platforms

Aquino, Jason M. | Molina, Jerwin Jan C.

Discipline: Mass Communication