Rogelio G. Dela Cruz



Rogelio G. Dela Cruz  is a holder of degrees in Doctor of Philosophy in Education from the Philippine College of Health Sciences and Master of Arts in Education from Meycuayan College. He also finished his degree in Doctor of Education major in Educational Management at the National University. He finished his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy degree at the Christ the King Seminary and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at the University of the East. He has been a member of  the Archdiocese of Manila and Bulacan. He is a full-time faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department of TIP Manila. 

Papers5 Cites/Paper 20.40 Cites/Author/Year 1.06
Potential Citations102 Cites/Author 25.50 h-index4
Year(s)24 Papers/Author 1.25 g-index5
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