Eddie R. Babor

Email: eddiebabor@yahoo.com


Eddie R. Babor, Ll.B., Ph.D., is Full Professor and Director of Publications at the Holy Name University in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. He is the immediate past president of the Philosophical Association of the Visayas and Mindanao (PHAVISMINDA). He wrote several textbooks in philosophy such as The human person: Existing but not real, Ethics: The philosophical discipline of action, Logic: The philosophical discipline of correct thinking, Bioethics, A philosophical and critical journey into the life sciences: A guide to a health care provider. He also authored articles in various philosophical journals.

Affiliates: Holy Name University Tagbilaran City

Papers10 Cites/Paper 2.80 Cites/Author/Year 1.65
Potential Citations28 Cites/Author 28.00 h-index3
Year(s)17 Papers/Author 10.00 g-index5
Cites/Year 1.65 Authors/Papers 0.10 hI,annual 0.19