Jimmy Bernabe Maming

Email: mamingjimmy3@gmail.com

Affiliates: College of Management, Business and Accountancy, Cebu Institute of Technology-University, Philippines

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Case Study on Road Accidents in a Motorcycle-Propelled Public Transport

Maming, Jimmy B. | Imbong, Maria Fe P.

Challenges Encountered by Junior High School Graduates of the School of Tomorrow Program to Senior High School Program in Capiz: A Case Study

Maming, Jimmy B. | Panaligan, Jan April

The Making of the Champions: A Case Study of the Development of The Young Aerobic Gymnasts in Malay Aklan

Maming, Jimmy B. | Valencia, Mike Jhun D. | Medina, Jesalem H. | Macasarte, Glenvee D.

Coping Mechanisms of Senior High School Learners During the Covid-19 Pandemic at Goshen School of Technology and Humanities: A Case Study

Maming, Jimmy B. | Bangayan, Daniel S. | Ambagan, Florencio | Rosales, Maria Rio B.

Lived Experiences of Senior High School Learners Under the Online Learning Mode at Goshen School of Technology and Humanities

Maming, Jimmy B. | Dela Cruz, Kyle | Raagas, Joenessa Mae D.

Sustainable Tourism Development in Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan

Maming, Jimmy B. | Delantar, Alexander Franco A. | Gabuya, Patricio G.

Senior Citizens' Health and Social Services in Cebu City

Maming, Jimmy B. | Gabuya, Patricio G. | Toring, Kimberly Cui N. | Toring, Eugene E. | Nuevo, Jonathan O.

Coping Mechanisms of Hospitality Industry Workers in a Tourism Destination during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Maming, Jimmy B. | Danay, Bezaleel Joy M. | Danay, Zephaniah D. | Escarilla, Cherry C.

Assessment of the Readiness of Teachers for Developing Students’ Skills in Speaking English through the Use of the “Zoom” Platform

Maming, Jimmy B. | Maravilla, Wes Harven G.

Communicative Language Teaching in Selected Students: Basis for Proposed Use of Task Based Learning Approach in Developing Speaking Skills

Maming, Jimmy B. | Maravilla, Wes Harven G. | Llena, Annalyn Cristobal

Bartending: Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices among Bar Employees in Selected Resorts in Boracay Island

Maming, Jimmy B. | Gaviola, Manuel A.

Content-Based Approach in Developing Listening Comprehension in English Language: Basis for Proposed Listening Activities

Maming, Jimmy B. | Maravilla, Wes Harven G. | Salape, Rodora L.

EFL Learners in Thailand: Content Analysis of Research Articles

Maming, Jimmy B. | Maravilla, Wes Harven G.