Eric Julian Manalastas


Affiliates: University of the Philippines Diliman

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Do Heterosexual Men Misperceive a Gay Man's Friendliness as Sexual Interest? Evidence from Observers

Manalastas, Eric Julian

Discipline: Psychology

Sexual Orientation and Suicide Risk in the Philippines: Evidence from a Nationally Representative Sample of Young Filipino Men

Manalastas, Eric Julian

Discipline: Psychology

Babaeng Bakla: Friendships between Women and Gay Men in the Philippines

Manalastas, Eric Julian | Torres, Beatriz A.

Discipline: Psychology

“Pampapayat, Para Lumakas, To Be Healthy”: Exploring Filipino Motives For Exercise

Manalastas, Eric Julian | Torres, Beatriz A. | Cagas, Jonathan

Discipline: Psychology

An Exercise to Teach the Psychological Benefits of Solitude: The Date with the Self

Manalastas, Eric Julian

Discipline: Psychology

Are You Happy Now? Agreement of Self- , Father -, and Mother -Reports on Judgments of Life Satisfaction of Filipino College Students

Manalastas, Eric Julian | Mondragon, Alric V.

Discipline: Psychology, Family and Relationships

HIV Testing as a Sexual Health Behavior among Filipino Men: Findings from a 2003 National Survey

Manalastas, Eric Julian | Sese, Denise A. | Cabrera, Nicolo L.

Discipline: Psychology, Health

Homonegativity in Southeast Asia: Attitudes Toward Lesbians and Gay Men in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam

Manalastas, Eric Julian | Ojanen, Timo T. | Ratanashevorn, Ratanakorn | Chee Hong, Bryan Choong | Kumaresan, Vizla | Veeramuthu, Vigneswaran