Marlene R. Padua

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Performance Appraisal of Arellano University College of Nursing Faculty Based on the Core Competencies of Nurse Educators

Padua, Marlene R. | Climaco, Ester S.

Discipline: Nursing

The Spiritual Wellbeing Among Cancer Survivors: A Journey Through A Valley Of Darkness

Padua, Marlene R. | Fernandez, Remedios L.

Discipline: Health, Religion

Phenomena of Enrollment in Colleges of Nursing

Padua, Marlene R. | Isles, Lota B. | Saplala, Hilda A.

Discipline: Nursing

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Padua, Marlene R.

Anxiety Levels among Relatives of Patients undergoing Computed Tomography Scan Receiving Standard Care and Audio-Video Comedy Clip in A Tertiary Hospital in Metro Manila Students’ Research Output

Padua, Marlene R. | Bumagat Jr., Ronald | Cristobal, Dianne Lara G. | Dapitan, Rhoxette P. | Fajilagmago, Kathleen F. | Mercado, Patricia Lou M. | Uy, Michael R.

Discipline: Psychology, Medicine

Perception and Behaviour of Married Women towards Pap Smear Procedure in Barangay 458 Sulukan St., Sampaloc, Manila Students’ Research Output

Padua, Marlene R. | Perez, Liza B. | Lusoc, Ellaine R. | Salvilla, Rodelyn C. | Orodio, Cynthia F. | Ellaine Chua, Shiela Rose C. | Manzano, Eirene Grace L.

Discipline: Psychology, Medicine

Unmasking The Countenance of Fathers with Exceptional Children: A Lifetime Family Dilemma

Padua, Marlene R. | Reyes, Joycelyn

Discipline: Childrens Nursing

Well-Being of Nurses Under a Regimented Organizational Culture

Padua, Marlene R. | Fernando, Remedios

Discipline: Others in Nursing

Alteration Of Being: Older Widows’ Grieving Experience

Padua, Marlene R. | Dela Cruz, Dawn

Discipline: Adult Nursing

“Scarred”: The Lives of Women After Mastectomy

Padua, Marlene R. | Castillo, Katherine Joy

Discipline: Adult Nursing

Dancing In The Rain: Lived Experience Of Pregnant Women Who Are HIV Positive

Padua, Marlene R. | Putri, Anggie Pradana

Discipline: Health Science

Rainbow After The Rain: Lived Experience of Mothers Who Underwent Hypnobirthing

Padua, Marlene R. | Yuniati, Siti Nurwahidah

Discipline: Health Science

Winning the Internal Conflict: A Qualitative Study on Bullying in the Workplace

Padua, Marlene R. | Cabale, Walter Jerome

Discipline: Mental Health Nursing