Article List (w/ Research Discipline)

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Research Productivity and Utilization in Higher Education Institutions in the CALABARZON Region

Ayala, Claudia Odette J. | Garcia, Beverlie H.

Discipline: Research

Strengthening Research Culture in Higher Education

Rosas, Nilo L.

Discipline: Research

External Referees’ Assessment of Researches of a University in Southern Philippines

Lozano, Emiliana J. | Japos, Genaro V. | Tumapon, Teresita T.

Discipline: Research

Local Adaptation to Climate Change: Strategies of Farmers, Employees and Local Businessmen

Bernardo, Eileen C.

Discipline: Education, Research

Politeness and Compliments in Selected Ilocano Radio Dramas

Batang, Boyet L. | Batang, Rozel Sales

Discipline: Education, Languages, Research

Ebalwasyon ng Ched General Education Curriculum sa Programa ng Filipino sa Ilang Piling Kolehiyo at Unibersidad sa Rehiyon 2

Tarun, Jaine Z.

Discipline: Education, Research

Efficacy of Commercial Organic Fertilizers for Cassava (Manihot Escalenta Crantz) Production In Acidic Soils

Taguiam, Francisco C. | Bucag, Milagros T. | Tabangin, Leticia S. | Daoang, Elpidio U.

Discipline: Education, Business, Agriculture, Research

Growth Performance of Broilers Fed with Various Levels of Pigeon Pea (Cajanus Cajan)

Palaje, Raul B. | Banguilan, Camilo G.

Discipline: Education, Research, Animal Science

Yield Evaluation of Cassava as Influenced by Months of Planting in Dry and Wet Season

Taguiam, Francisco C. | Bucag, Milagros T. | Tabangin, Leticia S. | Daoang, Elpidio U.

Discipline: Education, Agriculture, Research

Macro-Invertebrates as Pollution Indicators in Selected River Systems in Northern Sierra Madre Mountain Range (NSMMR)

Romero, Marino R. | Labuguen, Donna L.

Discipline: Education, Ecology, Research

Yield Potential of Rain Tree (Samanea Saman Merr.) as Feedstock for Biofuel Production

Simon, Samuel R.

Discipline: Education, Technology, Research

Plasma Glucose Level and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I (IGF-I) mRNA Expression in Chronically Stressed Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus L.) Reared Under Sub-optimal Stocking Densities

Guzman, Lito S. | Vera Cruz, Emmanuel M.

Discipline: Education, Research

Surface Modification of Polymethylmethacrylate by Argon Plasma Treatment

Culaba, Ivan B. | Ramos, Paz Victoria T.

Discipline: Education, Research

Penetration of Lahar Aggregates by Philippine Subterranean Termites (Isoptera: Termitidae)

Acda, Menandro N. | Ong, Heherson B.

Discipline: Education, Research

Basidiocarp Production of Pleurotus sajor-caju (Fr.) Singer on Compost Supplemented with Molasses

Romero, Eloi Theresa A.

Discipline: Education, Research

Br. Armin A. Luistro, FSC hinggil sa Five-Research Agenda

Garcia, Fanny A.

Discipline: Social Science, Research

Yield potential: its definition, measurement, and significance

Lt., Evans | Ra, Fischer

Discipline: Agriculture, Research

Phylogeny of rice genomes with emphasis on origins of allotetraploid species

Hong, De-yuan | Lu, Bao-rong | Ge, S. | T., Sang

Discipline: Agriculture, Research

Rice pest constraints in tropical Asia: quantification of yield losses due to rice pests in a range of production situations

Savary, S | Willocquet, L. | Fs, Elazegui

Discipline: Agriculture, Research

Effectiveness of Mathematics Resource Learning Center of the Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City

Reyes, Glorina L.

Discipline: Education, Research, Study and Teaching

Networking and Collaboration for Sustainability and Disaster Management

Andrade, Rebecca M.

Discipline: Research

A Model to Assess Quantitative Risk in Building Structural Analysis and Design: Input to Design Development

Benogsudan, Allan B.

Discipline: Engineering, Research

Ambag na Batis Ukol sa Mayamang Kasaysayan at Kalinangan ng Sulu

Alvarez, Kerby C.

Discipline: History, Research

Preliminary study on Panay Bukidnons' (of Central Philippines) astronomical views

Linaugo, Joji D. | Larroder, Aris C. | Larroder, Clyde C.

Discipline: Research

SPUD BSN Research Outputs from 2009-2013: A Trend Study

Laingo, Ever John N. | Tabotabo, Hazel R. | Valle, Hazel N.

Discipline: Research

Challenges Encountered by Community Colleges at Shaqra University in Saudi Arabia: A Documentary Analysis

Alabdulmenem, Fahad Mohammed

Discipline: Education, Research

The Competencies of Radiologic Technology Interns: Basis for a Proposed Clinical Instruction Evaluation Tool

Felizarte, Leonila P.

Discipline: Education, Research

Detection of Trichuris trichiura in a Philippine Macaque (Macaca fascicularis) from Davao Region: A Case Report

Otero, Maria Catherine B. | Zacharia III, Datu Jihad | Kubler, Jarwen Jose | Rawlins, James Joseph | Banzon, John Paul M. | Tagoon, Marian Dara T. | Baron, Elsa May D.

Discipline: Biology, Research

Structures for Plant Defense in Young Leaves of Theobroma cacao

Arabejo, Glio Florgiley P. | Otero, Maria Catherine B. | Banzon, John Paul M. | Pingoy, Benito Anthony | Tolentino, Vivian S.

Discipline: Biology, Research

Social Enterprises in Mindanao: The Case of Rey-Mic Enterprise

Santos, Candida S. | Zafra, Maria Angela G.

Discipline: Research, Social

The Privatization of Water Utility: A Policy Analysis

Soledad, Miguel D.

Discipline: Research, Social