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Genomic Characterization and Physical Mapping of Shigella flexneri Serotype-Specific Antigen V Temperate Bacteriophage

Angeles, Dario | Montejo, Ma. Theresa M.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Biochemistry

Lead Uptake and Growth Responses in Pistia Stratiotes Linn. (Quiapo)

Espinosa, Rosario S.

Discipline: Biochemistry

Isolation and Determination of the Bioremediation Potential of Bunker Sludge Degrading Bacteria from Manila Bay

Lorico, Eduardo M.

Discipline: Biochemistry

Hepatoprotective Activity of the Flavonoids from the Rind of Pomelo (Citrus grandis,Linn., Family Rutaceae) on Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Liver Damage on Rats

Marin, Anthony R.

Discipline: Biochemistry

Cross-Protection Between the Rodent Babes/A Rodhaini and the Human Strain of Babes/A Microti

Claveria, Florencia G.

Discipline: Biochemistry

Toxicological Effects of Water Contaminated with Cadmium, Lead and Mercury from Guiguinto River on Tilapia nilotica

Jusayan, Peirce M.

Discipline: Biochemistry, Fisheries

Terpenoids from Tithonia diversifolia

Ragasa, Consolacion Y. | Rideout, John A. | Tepora, Myrna

Discipline: Biochemistry

Cement-Bonded Board From Durian Waste

Gonzales, Arnold R. | Tabanguil, Evtri E.

Discipline: Biochemistry

Targeted Biomolecular-Chemical Screening Approach to Drug Discovery II Fungal Meta-Bolite with Antibiotic and DNA-Binding Properties

Patricio, Grace L. | Sacdalan, Aniline D.

Discipline: Biochemistry

A Triterpene from Rosa sp.

Ragasa, Consolacion Y. | Rideout, John A. | Alimboyoguen, Agnes B.

Discipline: Biochemistry

Methods of Culture and Cd Levels in Perna viridis from Bacoor Bay

Janairo, Jaime Raul O. | Santos, Cherry S.

Discipline: Biochemistry

A New Fatty Acid Ester of a Dolabellane Diterpene from Clavularia sp.

Ragasa, Consolacion Y. | Janairo, G. C. | Janairo, Jaime Raul O.

Discipline: Biochemistry

Antimicrobial Flavonoid from Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn

Ragasa, Consolacion Y. | Rufino, Leslie Ann A.

Discipline: Biochemistry

Comparative Physicochemical Analyses of Regular and Civet Coffee

Garcia, Emmanuel | Chan, Stephanie

Discipline: Biochemistry

Orthosiphon aristatus (Bl.) Miq. (Balbas Pusa) Extract as Anthelmintic

Calubaquib, Jhoanna B.

Discipline: Biochemistry

Fish Paste Mechanized Squeezer

Bajet Jr., Manuel A. | Bajet, Nelson A. | Bermio, Joussie B. | Bajet-paz, Crizzle A. | Bajet, Junel Bryan

Discipline: Biotechnology, Biochemistry