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An Antifungal Sesquiterpene Lactone from Pseudoelephantopus spicatus

Ragasa, Consolacion Y. | Rideout, John A. | Alea, Glenn V.

Discipline: Education, Natural Sciences, Chemistry

Synthesis of sugar functionalized tetrathiafulvalene

Janairo, Gerardo E.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Chemistry

Genomic Characterization and Physical Mapping of Shigella flexneri Serotype-Specific Antigen V Temperate Bacteriophage

Angeles, Dario | Montejo, Ma. Theresa M.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Biochemistry

Diterpenes from the Soft Coral Clavularia inflata (Coelenterata, Octocorallia, Stolonifera)

Ragasa, Consolacion Y. | Alea, Glenn V.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Chemistry

Inference for Long-memory Processes Using Local Lyapunov Exponents

Gonzaga, Alex C.

Discipline: Mathematics, Natural Sciences

A Closed Integral Form for the Background Gauge Connection

Rodulfo, Emmanuel T. | Pagaran, Joseph Ambrose G.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Rhodium Interaction with Human NRG1 Gene of Schizophrenia

Nawaz, Rukhsana | Zahir, Erum | Kaneez, Fatima Shad

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Genetics

Science, Technology, Society and Environment (STSE) Approach in Environmental Science for Nonscience Students in a Local Culture

Del Rosario, Bernadette I.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Technology

The Effect of Mangifera indica (Mango) Leaf Crude Extract in the Wound Healing Properties of Rattus norvegicus (Sprague Dawley)

Nuevo, Jose Jurel M. | Bernardino, Emerson Ronald K.

Discipline: Health, Natural Sciences, Medicine

Hydrometeorological Risk Anaylysis on the City of Malabon

Banaguas, Glenn S.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Earth Science, Science

Impact Assessment of Super Typhoon Megi, "Juan", on the Philippine Agricultural Sector

Banaguas, Glenn S.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Earth Science, Science

Profile, Practices and Potentials of Wild Honey Gatherers

Casabal, Gloria T. | Jakosalem-balane, Joy | Tirol, Jes B.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Rapid Assessment and Feeding Guilds of Birds in Selected Rubber and Oil Palm Plantations in North Cotabato

Casim, Lothy F. | Bello, Violeta P. | Tanalgo, Krizler C. | Agduma, Angelo R. | Bretaña, Bryan Lloyd P. | Mancao, Liezl S. | Salem, James Gregory S. | Ac Hondo, Marion John Michael M.

Discipline: Zoology, Natural Sciences

Genetic Analysis of the Seagrass Halodule in Central Visayas, Philippines

Calumpong, Hilconida P. | Wagey, Billy T.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Bio-Diversity

Cloning of Pink Tecoma (Tabebuia rosea Berthol) Using Various Concentrations of a Napthalene Acetic Acid and Nodal Sections

Espanto, Nympha E.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Formulation and Sun Protection Factor Estimation of Squash Cucurbita maxima Seeds Sunblock Lotion

Barluado, Mary Jane G.

Discipline: Health, Natural Sciences

Global Predictors of People’s Vulnerability to Climate Change

Neri, Donna Lou E.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Environmental Science, Sociology

Multiple Shoot Induction of Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis var. Uc-157) Through Nodal Stem Culture Technique

Pascual, Pet Roey L.

Discipline: Biology, Natural Sciences

In vitro Tissue Culture of Broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. Italica Curd)

Segismundo, Alma B. | Ruadap, May Evelia V.

Discipline: Biology, Botany, Natural Sciences

Diversity and Local Status of Earthworms in the Mossy and Montane Forests of Mt. Hilong-hilong Range, Agusan del Norte, Philippines

Ibanez, Jayson C. | Mohagan, Alma B. | Murro, Mary Alona L.

Discipline: Biology, Zoology, Natural Sciences

Changing Urban Landscape and Its Implications in Environmental Management: The Case of Calamba City, Philippines

Bagarinao, Ricardo T.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Environmental Science

Heavy Metals in the Water Column of Iloilo-Guimaras Jetty Port (Parola Wharf )

Sarinas, Brian Gil S. | Gellada, Lorna D. | Magramo, Melchor M. | Terunez, Marlon | Inocencio, Giancarlo M. | Duero, Cylin Ed S. | Segunla, Greg S. | Cleofas, Felix Kevin J.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Earth Science, Environmental Science

Fishing Practices of the Community Folks and Sea Productivity in San Jose, Antique, Philippines

Alimen, Rolando A. | Alimen, Ma. Cecilia D. | Ortizo, Cicero D. | Baynosa, Ronald S. | Corpes, Vicente O.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Fisheries

Mapping of Climate Change in the Philippines

Wood, Ma. Rosario G.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Earth Science

The Nuclear Option in the Energy Crisis

Rivero, Bayani C.

Discipline: Social Science, Natural Sciences

Research in Chemistry Teaching Career in the Philippines

L.u., Rivero

Discipline: Education, Natural Sciences

Report on the Asian Water Pollution Conference in Sillman University Dumaguete City, April 11, 1977

Rivero, Luzvisminda U.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

The Role of Mathematics in the Progress of Physics

Quiroga, Reuben V. | Deauna, Melecio C.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Selected Methods of Chloride, Iodide, Cyanide, Sulfide, Sulfate and Silica in Water as Indices of Pollution

Rivero, Luzvisminda U.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

The Extent of Assimilation of Heavy Ions by Ipomoea Aquatica (Kangkong)

Rivero, Luzvisminda U.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Biosorption Of Turbidity Using Moringa Oleifera (Malunggay) Leaves

Manning, Cyril Jerome M. | Suarez, John Paul B. | Fantone, Jemma Rhyss A. | Ogalesco, Arcelli Mariae A. | Cango, Ann Mcsoule O. | Basto, Kyra C. | Gabriel, Tracyanne A. | Mariano, Louie Ian B.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

The Effectiveness of The Use of Allium Cepa (Onion) Extracts As A Preservative Agent To Decapterus Macarellus (Galunggong)

Caburnay, Frances Dianne R. | Combalecer, Krishian B. | Contreras, Jonathan S. | Tome Jr., Dexter D. | Valenzuela, April Rose | Co, Maria Vanessa R. | Mariano, Louie Ian B.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Building Bridges Between the Social and Natural Science: A “World Without Fish” and the Restrictive (?) /Non-Restrictive (?) Inland Water (River-Estuary) Management Policies in Catanduanes Island (Philippines)

Morales, Minerva I.

Discipline: Social Science, Natural Sciences

A preliminary study on shelter, avoidance and risks of juvenile Portunid crabs of the genus Scylla

Masagca, Jimmy T. | Morales, Minerva I. | Mendoza, Angelica V. | Talan, Linda F. | Tribiana, Estrella T. | Arcilla Jr., Ricardo V. | Ibardaloza, Rosel | Tumaque, Pedro | Cstifdp Research Team, * | Torio, Sonia A.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Agriculture

Design and preliminary dynamical analysis of fish cages for rivers and mountain streams to withstand strong typhoons

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Aquaculture

Status of Staff Development Program at the Catanduanes State Colleges, Calendar Year 2012

Araojo, Aurora E.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Human Resources Management

Gender analysis of livelihoods, capabilities and shocks in a marine protected area (MPA) of Catanduanes island in Luzon, Philippines

Masagca, Jimmy T. | Morales, Minerva I. | Araojo, Aurora E. | Tribiana, Estrella T. | Vargas, Sonia R. | Brillante, Socorro T. | Tolentino, Perla A. | Prolles, Victoriano A.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

A Comprehensive Analysis on the Dynamics of Biodiversity and Bitan-ag Creek Watershed Interactions: Ecosystem Approach for Rehabilitation

Canencia, Oliva P. | Lituañas, Chris Rey M. | Ansigbat, Vicenta V. | Ascaño Ii, Cordulo P. | Tulang, Rogel O. | Yañez, Sheryl S.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Species of Copepods (Crustacea: Copepoda) from Northern Mindanao Nearshore Waters

Metillo, Ephrime B.

Discipline: Zoology, Natural Sciences, Bio-Diversity

Detection of Potential Pneumonia-Causing Bacteria Found in Nebulizers in Iligan City Hospitals: Some Implications on Infection Control

Baguio, Blaisel Mae Q. | Gemelo, Aimee Grace | Vega, Ezzel Marco P. | Edmilao-coyoca, Gloria Shiela | Amorado, Faith | Casera, Bernie A. | Tabil, Vincent G. | Jose, Mark

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Healthcare Sciences

Bioethical Issues on Organ Transplantation: Some Philosophical Reflections

Pangon, Carlo Alfonsse

Discipline: Social Science, Natural Sciences, Theology, Applied Sciences

Occurrence of Soft and Hard Corals at Igang Bay and Villa Corazon, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras, Philippines

Magramo, Melchor M. | Esmaña, Mary Mar | Terunez, Marlon | Flores, June Raymond Peter

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Analysis on the Nutritional Facts, Shelf Life Potential and Acceptability of Bottled Lemon Grass Tea (Cymbopogon citratus DC ex Nees wildtype var.)

Cabauatan, Jane G. | Ramos, Paz Victoria T. | Allam, Karen T. | Agron, Jemmalyn | Malana, Richell T. | Tumaliuan, Pablo

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Predicting Soil Loss and Surface Run-Off from Rainfed Uplands of Northern Luzon: Assessing the Impact of Rainfall Regimes and Crop Management Practices Using Simulation Model

Balderama, Orlando | Alejandro, Lanie | Bareng, Jeoffrey Lloyd R.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Ethnobiology and Alternative Medicine of the Ybanag Minority in Northern Isabela, Cagayan Valley, Philippines

Cabauatan, Jane G.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Fruits in the Wild of the Isabela State University Wildlife Sanctuary

Guingab, Ma. Visitacion D. | Ponce, Henedina P. | Paddayuman, Ricardo L.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Perceptions of Faculty and Students on the Agriculture Programs of ISU-Cabagan

Simon, Samuel R. | Simon, Audrey B. | Claravall, Gerald G.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

The Effects of Maceration of Leucaena (Leucaena Leucocephala) on the Rumen Degradation of Its Protein in Cattle

Sevilla, Cesar C. | Billena, Mylen S. | Bejo, Mafeo B.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Comparative Evaluation of Oregano Extract and Zinc Bacitracin as Growth Enhancers for Broilers

Acorda, Jezie A. | Mateo, Carmencita D. | Labay, Marlyn H.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Veterinary Medicine

Leaf Meals of Gliricidia Sepium and Samanea Saman as Protein Supplements for Goats

Rayos, Antonio A. | Robles, Alberto Y. | Atega, Teresita A. | Alinea, Calixta B.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Agriculture

Effects of Concentrate Supplementation on Plasma Mineral Content and Growth Performance of Growing Upgraded Goats

Orden, Edgar A. | Cruz, Emilio M. | Fujihara, Tsutomu | Hayashida, Maki

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Animal Science

Effect of Drying Methods on the Nutritive Value of Leaf Meals from Fodder Trees and Shrubs

Robles, Alberto Y. | Lanting, Elaine F. | Atega, Teresita A. | Alinea, Calixta B.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

The Problem of Evolution

Bartolome, Carmen F.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

The Atom: A Matter of Life and Death

Valdes, Bienvenido J.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Chemistry

Potency Of Medicinal Leaves in the Growth Performance of Broiler Chicks

Mapatac, Levitah C.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Soil Quality of a Rice Organic Farm in Langkong, M’lang, Cotabato

Cedeño, Kathleen C.

Discipline: Natural Sciences