vol. 14, no. 1 (2015)
IAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservation


The IAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservation aims to publish new discoveries in ecology and conservation which are contributed by member researchers from around the world.

The IAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservation is an international peer reviewed journal that provides a venue for scholars to publish their research findings for advocacy and utilization.

Publisher: International Association of Multidisciplinary Research

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Category: Environment/Ecology | Ecology |

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Determining the Potential of Colorimetry in Wood Identification

Willie P. Abasolo | Monica Gibe

Discipline: Ecology

Mainstreaming Organic Agriculture through Innovation Policy– The Case of Organic Agriculture in Negros Occidental, Philippines

Andrew Gasmen | Rowena Dt. Baconguis

Discipline: Ecology

A Spatial Heterogeneity Perspective in Analyzing Cancer Mortality Distribution Using GIS

Ricardo T. Bagarinao

Discipline: Ecology

Ecological Beliefs and Practices of the Public: A Primer for Environmental Protection

Gee Marie S. Binag

Discipline: Ecology

Endophytic Bacteria Isolated from Nipa Palm (Nypa fruticans) in Bulacan, Philippines

Jayvee A. Cruz | Mea Katreena M. Cadiente | Truong Hoai Xuan | Eufemio Rasco Jr.

Discipline: Ecology

Science Literacy, Awareness, and Attitude Enhancement through Integration of Sustainable Development Education in General Ecology

Christia Almario Guevara

Discipline: Ecology

Clark as an Alternative Destination for Warehouse Storage in Manila, Philippines

Lok Tak Ming Jafy

Discipline: Ecology

Concentrations of Rare Trace Elements in Major Irrigated Rice Areas of the Philippines

Jehru C. Magahud | Pearl B. Sanchez | Rodrigo B. Badayos

Discipline: Ecology

Heavy Metals in Processed Fish Commercially Available in the Philippines: An Environmental Toxicology Study

Judilynn N. Solidum

Discipline: Ecology

Chlorophyll Content, Cell Size, Growth and Resistance to Coconut Scale Insect (Aspidiotus rigidus Reyne) of Buri Palms (Corypha utan Lam.) as Influenced by Different Hoagland Concentrations

Lourdes B. Tayrus | Willie P. Abasolo | Nelson M. Pampolina

Discipline: Ecology

Threatened Plant Species of Mindoro, Philippines

Elaine Loreen C. Villanueva | Inocencio E. Buot Jr.

Discipline: Ecology

Competitive Ability, Critical Period of Competition, and Density Level of Hydrolea zeylanica (L.) Vahl against Transplanted-Irrigated Lowland Rice

Dindo King M. Donayre | Cherry A. Endino-tayson

Discipline: Ecology