vol. 5, no. 1 (2013)
IAMURE International Journal of Business and Management


The IAMURE International Journal of Business and Management aims to publish new discoveries in Business and Management which are contributed by member researchers from around the world.

The IAMURE International Journal of Business and Management is an international peer reviewed journal that provides a venue for scholars to publish their research findings for advocacy and utilization.

Publisher: International Association of Multidisciplinary Research

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Category: Business & Economics | Management |

ISSN 2244-1506 (Online)

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The Effect of the Third Party Fund: Its Distribution and Fluctuation on the BOPO Growth at Commercial Foreign Exchange Banks in Indonesia

Anggraeni Anggraeni

Discipline: Business, Management

Soft Skill Development at the Workplace: An Empirical Study in Oman

Taki Al Abduwani

Discipline: Business, Management

Development of Innovation Process Model Using S-BPM Approach

Kristina Evina | Nikolay Kazantsev | Julia Stavenko | Alexander Gromoff

Discipline: Business, Management

Synergising for Quality Improvement of Business and Management: International Publications in Asian Countries

Tatik Suryani

Discipline: Business, Management

Chinese and French Consumer Perceived Risk in Online Shopping: The Role of Uncertainty Avoidance

Lili Zheng | Michel Plaisent | Pascal Pecquet | Prosper Bernard Jr.

Discipline: Business, Management

Relationship Between Differentiation of Self Levels and Conflict-Handling Styles of Ministers

Ian C. Abordo

Discipline: Business, Management

Interpretive Dialogue: Cultural, Socio Spiritual Dimensions and Auditors’ Competence in Implementing IFRS Convergence in Indonesia

Nanang Shonhaji

Discipline: Business, Management

The Psychology of Gaming and its Investment in Asia-Pacific

Shawn Andre Scott | Zosima A. Panares

Discipline: Business, Management

Conditions of the Nearby Boarding Houses of a State University In the Northern Philippines: A Benchmark Study

Julius S. Valderama | Joey M. Villanueva

Discipline: Business, Management

Position Classification and Compensation in Relation to Motivational Needs of Library Personnel of Government Higher Education Institutions

Gaudencio M. Alaya-ay

Discipline: Business, Management

Managerial Competencies for Market Leadership

Rolando B. Navarro | Cristina R. Bundoc

Discipline: Business

The Effect of Emotional Exhaustion on Job Satisfaction and its Impact on Performance

Bagus Suminar | Emma Yulianti

Discipline: Business, Management