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Organizational Spirituality and People Management Practices of Selected Banks in Batangas City: Measures Towards Management Effectiveness

Javier, Esmenia R.

Discipline: Business, Management

The Application of Internal Control for the Women Cooperative Performance in East Java

Wuryani, Eni

Discipline: Management

Decision-making Styles of CSU College Deans: A Case of Managerial Ethics

Suyu-tattao, Loraine

Discipline: Management

Conflict Management Styles of Secondary School Administrators in Cagayan Province, Philippines

Azurin, Wilma P.

Discipline: Management

Management Competencies of Educational Managers in the Performance of Trilogy Functions Of SUCs in MIMAROPA, Philippines

Ramirez, Wilma M. | Zamora, Jesse T.

Discipline: Education Administration, Management

Evidence-based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management: CBMS for Local Level DRRM?

Fajardo, Juan Paulo M.

Discipline: Governance, Management

Creating Intervention through its Athletic Program

Sajo, Dennis S.

Discipline: Management, Sports Science

The Effect of the Third Party Fund: Its Distribution and Fluctuation on the BOPO Growth at Commercial Foreign Exchange Banks in Indonesia

Anggraeni, Anggraeni

Discipline: Business, Management

Soft Skill Development at the Workplace: An Empirical Study in Oman

Abduwani, Taki A.

Discipline: Business, Management

Development of Innovation Process Model Using S-BPM Approach

Stavenko, Julia | Evina, Kristina | Kazantsev, Nikolay | Gromoff, Alexander

Discipline: Business, Management

Synergising for Quality Improvement of Business and Management: International Publications in Asian Countries

Suryani, Tatik

Discipline: Business, Management

Chinese and French Consumer Perceived Risk in Online Shopping: The Role of Uncertainty Avoidance

Zheng, Lili | Plaisent, Michel | Pecquet, Pascal | Bernard Jr., Prosper

Discipline: Business, Management

Relationship Between Differentiation of Self Levels and Conflict-Handling Styles of Ministers

Abordo, Ian C.

Discipline: Business, Management

Interpretive Dialogue: Cultural, Socio Spiritual Dimensions and Auditors’ Competence in Implementing IFRS Convergence in Indonesia

Shonhaji, Nanang

Discipline: Business, Management

The Psychology of Gaming and its Investment in Asia-Pacific

Scott, Shawn Andre | Panares, Zosima A.

Discipline: Business, Management

Conditions of the Nearby Boarding Houses of a State University In the Northern Philippines: A Benchmark Study

Valderama, Julius S. | Villanueva, Joey M.

Discipline: Business, Management

Position Classification and Compensation in Relation to Motivational Needs of Library Personnel of Government Higher Education Institutions

Alaya-ay, Gaudencio M.

Discipline: Business, Management

The Effect of Emotional Exhaustion on Job Satisfaction and its Impact on Performance

Suminar, Bagus | Yulianti, Emma

Discipline: Business, Management

Management of Credit Activities and their Effects on Commercial Banks’ Credit Risk in Indonesia

Kristijadi, Emanuel | Salim, Ubud | Sudarma, Made | Djumahir, Djumahir

Discipline: Business, Management

Firm Size as Predictor of Compliance to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 8

Sucuahi, William T.

Discipline: Business, Management

The Credit Facilities of Moneylenders in a Community in Central Philippines: Experience in a Developing Asian Country

Yap, Ernesto Go

Discipline: Business, Management

Determinants of Investment Decision among Moslem Entrepreneurs

Salim, Ubud | Sudarma, Made | Lestari, Wiwik | Al-habsyi, Thaher

Discipline: Business, Management

The Behavioral Consequences of Customers Satisfaction Index in East Java Integrated Licensing Services (Pelayanan Perijinan Terpadu- P2T)

Sukesi, Sukesi

Discipline: Business, Management

Integrating Justice Theory and Service Quality Concept to Evaluate Customer Recovery Satisfaction

Tan, Tiffany Adelaine G.

Discipline: Business, Management

Stress Factors and Well-Being of Overseas Filipino Workers

Margallo, Joanny | Peligro, Amelia O.

Discipline: Management

Leadership Behavior of NGO Managers and Directors in Northern Mindanao, Philippines

Rizal Derindag, Mehmet

Discipline: Business, Management

Organization Development Interventions, How Effective are They?: A Case on an International Franchised Company in Cebu

Sia, Leahlizbeth

Discipline: Business, Management

Knowledge Management and Business Continuity Practices of the Central Bank of the Philippines

Sy, Maria Victoria U. | Resurreccion, Josefina L.

Discipline: Business, Management

Economic Potential of Raising Philippine Native Pigs on Trichanthera (Trichanthera Gigantea) Diets

Callo-etis, Virgie N.

Discipline: Business, Management

Entrepreneurial Competencies and Intension of Selected Graduating College Students

Convocar, Jeremias L.

Discipline: Business, Management

Postgraduate Supervision in the Philippines: Setting the Research Agenda

Calma, Angelito

Discipline: Literature, Management

Institutionalizing Planning, Enactment and Reflection of Daily Lessons Through Appropriate Organizational Restructuring

Raval, Harini | Mckenney, Susan | Pieters, Jules

Discipline: Education, Management

The Human Side of Enterprise

Dizon, Fe S.

Discipline: Management

Offering of Bachelor of Laws in Colegio de SanJuan de LetranCalamba

Acosta, Gloria G. | Baltazar, John Paolo H. | De La Rama, Sheila Ann B.

Discipline: Management

Towards an Innovation Model in Teaching Management

Bumatay, Ernesto L.

Discipline: Education, Management

Converlogical Management Theory: Towards the Development of the Communicative Competence of an Organization

Posadas, Marife C.

Discipline: Management

The Mediate Effect of Employee Engagement on the Relationship between Perceived Employer Branding and Discretionary Effort

Piyachat, Burawat | Chanongkorn, Kuntonbutr | Panisa, Mechinda

Discipline: Management

Job Satisfaction: The Eventual Smidgeon for Occupational Consummation and Contentment in Profession

Chaudhuri, Manodip Ray | Naskar, Partha

Discipline: Management

Letran Calamba’s Student Research Program (SRP) Revisited*

Revilla, Roberto D.

Discipline: Social Science, Management

The 21 Indispensable Qualities Of A Leader By John Maxwell (1999): A Book Review*

Ladisla, Ria D.

Discipline: Management

Clamor for Greater Excellence, Arriba Letran!

Lana, Tamerlane R.

Discipline: Education, Management

Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes of Hospitality Management Students in Food Production Course: A Post Evaluation

Medallon, Merlita C. | Peralta, Abram Emmanuel R.

Discipline: Tourism, Management

Faculty Conflict Management Styles and Their Impact on Professional Relationships

Kasan, Usop M.

Discipline: Education, Management

Attendance Recorder with the Use of Radio Frequency Identification

Dellosa, Rhowel M.

Discipline: Management

Entrance Exam Results and Performance in First Year Courses of Engineering Students: A Correlation Analysis

Cataquis, Rosalie E. | Daitol, Oliver G.

Discipline: Education, Management

Teaching Effectiveness and Student’s Learning Acquisition in Selected Major Courses in the International Tourism and Hospitality Management Program

Medallon, Merlita C. | Martinez, Grace O.

Discipline: Education, Management

Learning Management System for LPU-Laguna

Dellosa, Rhowel M. | Prospero, Mirafe R. | Rodriguez, Joseph L.

Discipline: Computer Science, Formal Sciences, Management

Marketing Lyceum of the Philippines – Laguna: Impressions of New Enrollees

Medallon, Merlita C.

Discipline: Management

Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of Employees in the Internal Services Sector of a Government Agency

Isip, Agustina A.

Discipline: Management

Peter's Teaching on Leadership: An Examination of 1 Peter 5:1-3 in the Nigerian Context

Oderinde, Olatundun Abosede

Discipline: Religion, Management, Leadership

Leading by Interaction in Educational Organizations: The Imperatives of Leadership Communication and Complaint Management

Nwagbara, Uzoechi

Discipline: Social Science, Management

Work Efficiency and Productivity of Finance Employees of Davao Doctors College in the Delivery of Quality Services

Gamil, Susana B. | Soria, Rodolfo V.

Discipline: Management, Human Resources Management

Management of Laboratories in General Education of Davao Doctors College

Dela Torre, Corazon T.

Discipline: Education, Management

Beyond Income and Balance Sheet: Measuring Quedancor Region X

Bokingo, Kizzy Ann R.

Discipline: Finance, Management

A Municipality’s Experience on Revenue Generation and Public Economic Enterprise Development

Del Castillo, Maria Consuelo R. | Gayao, Rey Dan G.

Discipline: Management, Government

Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity of the Guagua Community in Pampanga

Cosio, Rogelio D. | De Jesus, Norman G.

Discipline: Management

Players of the Agribusiness System and their Problems: Philippine Case Studies

Ilupa, Nida Abarquez

Discipline: Education, Management, Agribusiness

Management Foundations and Global Readiness Index of School Heads of the Philippines

Baliton, Fructuoso C.

Discipline: Management

Research Methodology Strategies in Strategic Management

Vargas-hernández, José G.

Discipline: Education, Management

Thrips Infestation in Relation to Panicle Stage in Rice

Chander, S.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management, Pest Science

Chemical Clearing of Irrigation Channels – A Comparative Evaluation

Joseph, K.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management

Predation of Freshwater Fish on Golden Apple Snail, Pomacea Canaliculata Lam., Under Screenhouse Conditions

Joshi, R. C. | Cagauan, A. G.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management, Pest Science

Ovicidal Effect of a Molluscicide on Golden Apple Snail in the Philippines

De La Cruz, M. S. | Joshi, R. C. | Duca, A.v.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management, Pest Science

Evaluation of Preemergence Herbicides for Weed Control in Wet-seeded rice

Tamilselvan, N. | Budhar, M.n.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management, Pest Science

Efficacy of Fungicides for Control of Rice Tungro Disease

Singh, S. K. | Bhaktavatsalam, G. | Mohanty, S. K.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management, Pest Science

Trapping the Adult Whorl Maggot Hydrellia Philippina Ferino with Baits

David, P.m.m. | Sathiyanandam, V. Kr. | Elaiya Bharathi, T.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management, Pest Science

Effects of Two Potent Biocontrol Agents on Water Hyacinth

Praveena, R. | Naseema, A.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management, Pest Science

Sheath Rot Management in Rice with Fungicides and Biopesticides

Dantre, R. K. | Thrimurty, V. S. | Thapak, S. K.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management, Pest Science

Integrated Weed Control in Drum-Seeded Wet-Seeded Rice

Srinivasan, T. | Ramachandra Boopathi, S. N. M. | Subramanian, E.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management, Pest Science

A New Botanical Insecticide for Managing Rice Bug

Sathiyanandam, V. Kr. | Jeyarajan Nelso, S. | Johnson Thangaraj Edward, Y. S. | Murugesan, N. | Muthusamy, M.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management, Pest Science

Response of Rice Plants to Rat Damage at the Reproductive Phase

Islam, Z. | Hossain, M.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management, Pest Management

Growth Stage Preference of Pink Stem Borer Sesamia Inferens (Walker)

Aggarwal, R. | Singh, J.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management, Pest Science

Control of Rats at the Ripening Stage of a Rice Crop

Islam, Z. | Mofazzel Hossain, M.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management, Pest Science

First Report of Sheath Brown Rot of Rice in China and Characterization of the Causal Organism by Phenotypic Tests and Biolog

Guanlin, Xie

Discipline: Agriculture, Management, Pest Science

Integrated Natural Resource Management for Rice Production

Kam, Suan Pheng

Discipline: Agriculture, Management

Reduction in Chemical Use Following Integrated Ecologically Based Rodent Management

Heong, K L. | Singleton, G. R. | Sudarmaji, * | Tuan, N. P. | Brown, P. R. | Sang, P. M. | Huang, N. H. | Escalada, M. M. | Jacob, J.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management

Effect of Organic Farming on Management of Rice Brown Planthopper

Venugopal, M. S. | Sujeetha, R. P. | Alice, J.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management

Influence of Irrigation, Nutrient Management, and Seed Priming on Yield and Attributes of Upland Rice

Thomas, M | Thomas, U. C. | Varughese, K.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management

Impact of Pulse Applications of Herbicides on Biomass of Grasses and Sedges and their Effects on the Yield and Yield Components of Direct Wet-Seeded Rice

Nadim, M. A. | Awan, I. U. | Anjam, F. | Hayat, Khansa

Discipline: Agriculture, Management

Yield Performance Under the Rice Yaya Demonstration Program in Sri Lanka: A Case Study

Wijeratne, M | Pathirana, U. P. N. S.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management

Impact of Soil Reclamation on Productivity, Income, and Employment of Rice Farmers: A Case Study of the Krishnagiri Reservoir Project Area

Budhar, M.n. | Shivakumar, K. M.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management

Exposure of Bangladeshi Rice Farmers to Early Flood Risk

Barr, J. | Shankar, B.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management

Low-Input Management of Swarming Caterpillar Outbreak in Central India

Thomas, M

Discipline: Agriculture, Management

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices on Rat Management of Ifugao Rice Farmers, Philippines

Sebastian, L. S. | Joshi, R. C. | Gergon, E. B. | Catudan, B. M. | Desamero, N. V.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management

Internal Management Control (IMC) System for a Non-Profit Organization Managed by Visually Impaired Individuals

Abel, Antonio S.

Discipline: Management, Socioeconomics

Mentoring the mentors program: transforming teachers, school leaders and school’s achievement

Bilbao, Purita P. | Arellano, Elvira R. | Palmos, Rejie F. | Montano, Hidlago C. | Lazarito, Diolizata R.

Discipline: Management

Management Development

Hansen, Harry L.

Discipline: Management

Measurement and Evaluation

Deauna, Melecio C.

Discipline: Education, Management


Caballero, Rosalia T. | Estrada, Erik Jason Roque M.

Discipline: Management

Transformational and Organizational Leadership of School Heads: Their Relationship with the Performance of Teachers

Badato, Gerardo A.

Discipline: Education, Management

Correlates of Job Performance of School Heads in Selected Schools

Regala, Lorna B.

Discipline: Education, Management

Factors Contributing to Business Failure and Eventual Exit among Selected Tutorial Service Centers

Sarreal, Emilina R. | Tanpoco, Manuel R. | Crisologo, Ma Louise Gena D.

Discipline: Management

Impact Assessment of Entrepreneurial Skills Acquisition Programme on Agropreneurial Skills of National Youth Corps Members in Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria

Oyebola, Abiodun Isaac

Discipline: Management