vol. 34-35, no. 1-2 (1990)
The Journal of History
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The Journal of History is the official publication of the Philippine National Historical Society (first named Philippine Historical Society), an organization of historians and practitioners of history, organized in February 1941. It is a nationally refereed journal that publishes selected papers from the National Conferences on National and Local History of the Philippine National Historical Society which have been recommended by an Editorial Advisory Board. The Journal publishes articles on local/regional and national history presented by young and upcoming scholars as well as recognized historians and other specialists on Philippine culture and society. It promotes studies of local history in the context of national history and encourages multidisciplinary study in related social science disciplines. All the articles in the following journal issues of The Journal of History are for open access:

Publisher: Philippine National Historical Society

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Historians as Conscience of the Nation

Leslie E. Bauzon

Discipline: History

The Thrusts of French Historiography

Maria Luisa T. Camagay

Discipline: History

History from the Periphery: Local History in Philippine History

Resil B. Mojares

Discipline: History, Philippine History

Towards Discovering New Partners in the Study of Local History

Ricardo Jorge S. Caluen

Discipline: History, Philippine History

The Writing of the Ethnohistory of the Bagobos

Heidi K. Gloria

Discipline: History, Philippine History

A Preliminary Study of "Bisaya" - "Moro" Contacts during the Early Spanish Period: Focus on Iloilo

Henry F. Funtecha

Discipline: History, Philippine History

The Rivalry of the Dutch and the English over the Maguindanao Sultanate, 1680-1690

Ruurdje Laarhoven

Discipline: History

The Philippine Revolution and the Jesuit Missions in Mindanao, 1896-1901

Jose S. Arcilla

Discipline: Philippine History

Natural Catastrophes, Muslim Raids and Other Events Affecting Surigao during the Spanish Regime

Regino P. Paular

Discipline: History, Philippine History

Political Integration in Historical Perspective

Carmencita T. Aguilar

Discipline: History, Political Science, Philippine History

Development Policies for Muslim Mindanao in the Pre-Martial Law Period (1955-1971): Historical Notes on Their Origin and Implementation

Geoffrey G. Salgado

Discipline: Development, History

Luwaran, Maguindanao Code of Laws: Its Role in Fostering National Unity

Edward M. Masa

Discipline: Philippine History

Ang Edukasyon at Karapatan ng Sambayanang Moro na Magpasiya sa Sarili

Rudy B. Rodil

Discipline: Education, History

The T'boli of South Cotabato: Attempts at Integration

Tersito Aguirre Aliposa

Discipline: History, Philippine History

Towards More Studies in Local History

Leslie E. Bauzon

Discipline: History

Code of Ethics for Filipino Social Scientists

Discipline: History, Cultural and Ethnic Studies

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