vol. 50, no. 1 - 4 (2004)
The Journal of History


The Journal of History is the official publication of the Philippine National Historical Society (first named Philippine Historical Society), an organization of historians and practitioners of history, organized in February 1941. It is a nationally refereed journal that publishes selected papers from the National Conferences on National and Local History of the Philippine National Historical Society which have been recommended by an Editorial Advisory Board. The Journal publishes articles on local/regional and national history presented by young and upcoming scholars as well as recognized historians and other specialists on Philippine culture and society. It promotes studies of local history in the context of national history and encourages multidisciplinary study in related social science disciplines. All the articles in the following journal issues of The Journal of History are for open access:

Publisher: Philippine National Historical Society

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Writing on Art OJ/For/From the Mindanao-Sulu Region:A Preliminary Assessment

Marilyn R. Canta

Discipline: History

Mindanao and Sulu Memorabilia in Spain

Regalado Trota Jose

Discipline: History

Slavery To Freedom: Revisiting the Ulahingan Epic of the Livunganen-Arumanen Manobos

Earl Jude Paul L. Cleope

Discipline: History

Majaradia Lawana: Isang Napapanahong Pagbasa

Reynaldo T. Candido Jr.

Discipline: History

The Sulu-China Connections: Past and Present

Calbi A. Asain

Discipline: History

Rebellions and Mutinies in Mindanao: A Quick Review

Macario D. Tiu

Discipline: History

Thomasites: Pied Pipers of the American Dream

Luz S. Almeda

Discipline: History

World War II Guerilla Resistance in Surigao

Winston Dean S. Almeda

Discipline: History

Notes for an Ethnohistory of the Southern Cordillera, Northern Luzon:A Focus on Kalanguya

Patricia O. Afable

Discipline: History

Cordillera Anthropomorphic Carvings: Form and Function

Delfin L. Tolentino Jr.

Discipline: History

History and the Phenomenon of Migration: Migrant Muslims in the Cordillera

Maria Nela B. Florendo

Discipline: History

A Balangiga Survivor's Letter from Samar on January 18, 1902, At the Height of Gen. Smith's 'Kill and Burn' Campaign

Rolando O. Borrinaga

Discipline: History

Religion, Rituals, and Folklore: A Cultural Overview of the Lagunenses

Gil G. Gotiangco Jr Ii.

Discipline: History

Filipino Building Beliefs and How They Influenced Architecture

Norma I. Alarcon

Discipline: History

Cultural History Through the Lens: Tracing the Nationalist Literary Tradition in Postwar Cinema

Joyce L. Arriola

Discipline: History