vol. 25, no. 2 (2016)
DLSU Business & Economics Review


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Research Article

Macroprudential Regulation in a DSGE Model of the Philippines with Financial-Real Linkages

Jesson A. Pagaduan | Ruperto P. Majuca

Banking Competition and Stability: Evidence from Inter-Continental Markets

Abdul Rafay | Usman Javed Gilani

Day-of-the-Week Effects in the Philippine Stock Exchange: Do They Exist Amid Modernization?

Cesar C. Rufino | Neriza M. Delfino

Audited Quarterly Accounts and Earnings Response Coefficients

Saidatunur Fauzi Saidin | Mohammad Noor Hisham Osman

Entrepreneurial Motivation and Business Performance of SMEs in the SUCI Clothing Center, Bandung, Indonesia

Senen Machmud | Iwan Sidharta

Market Sensing Capability and SMEs Performance: The Mediating Role of Product Innovativeness Success

Elia Ardyan

Cultivating Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship Education (EBEE): A Review on Synchronization Process behind Entrepreneurial Spirit

Rajib Roy | Niladri Das

Principal-Agent Compensation Practices in a Stakeholder-Oriented Smokey Mountain Cooperative

Paz Esperanza T. Poblador

Affective Responses in the Purchase of Consumer Eco Products

Alma Maria Jennifer Gutierrez | Rosemary R. Seva

Toward a Model of Traditional Retailers and Sellers Empowerment in Improving Competitiveness against Modern Markets in Banyumas Region, Indonesia

Eko Suyono Jenderal Soedirman | Omar Al Farooque | Riswan Riswan

A DEA-based Performance Measurement Mathematical Model and Software Application System Applied to Public Hospitals in the Philippines

Richard C. Li | Jazmin C. Tangsoc | Solomon L. See | Victor John M. Cantor | Martha Lauren L. Tan | Rachelle Joy S. Yu