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Anthelminthic Effects of Processed Mature Betel Nut as Dewormer to Native Chicken and Small Ruminants (Sheep and Goats)

Moises Glenn G. Tangalin

Discipline: Science, Veterinary Medicine



The study aimed to determine the anthelmenthic effects of processed mature betel nut (Areca catechu) and commercial dewormer to native chicken, sheep and goats. The study consisted of four treatments. The result of the study reveals that after thorough laboratory examination of the feces, it was found out that round worms, tapeworms and parasite eggs were expelled by the processed mature betel nut. Among the treatments used, Treatment I, 1g processed nut per 1 kg body weight is the most effective. However, those administered with 2 and 3 grams of powdered betel nut is also effective but the chickens showed unhealthy condition. While in Goat and Sheep; Treatment I, administered with 20g/20kg.BW; Treatment II, administered with 30g/20kgLW; Treatment III, administered with 240g/20kgLW; and Treatment IV, administered with 1 ml/10 kgBW using albendazole, a commercial dewormer. The result of the study revealed that the processed native betel nut can expel eggs and adult parasites like roundworms and tapeworms, while commercial dewormer can expel only roundworms. Among levels of powdered betel nut used, Treatment II, 30g/20kgBW showed better result.

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