HomeFEU Communication Journalvol. 7 no. 1 (2012)

Film as Instructional Aid in Teaching Intonation: Effects on Performance and Attitude towards the Speech 1 Course

Damian Iii Velasquez

Discipline: Social Science, Mass Communication, Media



This study measured the effects of the use of film Mona Lisa Smile as an instructional aid in teaching intonation on students’ achievement and attitude towards the Speech 1 course. It was conducted among two classes of second-year BS Nursing who were students of the researcher at Far Eastern University.

Using a quasi-experimental design, the study’s results showed that the mean gain score of 28.24 of the experimental group which was taught intonation using film was greater than the 14.13 mean gain score of the control group which was taught using the traditional lecture method). The computed t-value of 2.75 is very significant for 74 degrees of freedom at .001 level.

Attitude towards the course and the film used was also analyzed through an attitude inventory test. For the students’ acceptability and appreciation towards Speech 1 as a course, the two groups showed no significant difference before and after intervention. The experimental group’s attitude towards the use of film as an instructional aid was observed to be highly positive.

Evaluation of the relationship between the students’ achievement post-test scores and their attitude towards the course revealed a positive relationship. The favorable appreciation of the students is closely related to high performance in the acquisition of verbal skills such as intonation.