HomeKAYÂ TAOvol. 14 no. 1 (1995)

The Internet as a Tool for Social Science Research and Education: The Case of the World-Wide Web

Benito L. Teehankee

Discipline: Sociology, Media, Social Studies



Access to the INTERNET - the global network of computers for information and communication purposes - has recently become available to faculty members at the major local universities. In particular, the subset of the INTERNET called the World- Wide Web, or Web, has become a useful resource for the social scientist for both research and instructional purposes. Web search facilities allow the social scientist to conduct research on information available over the INTERNET in a relatively efficient manner. Also, the Web affords the social science educator a rich tool for preparing multi-media instructional presentations. The term "multi-media" pertains to the use of graphics, video and sound in conjunction with a computer to deliver instructional material in a dynamic and highly interesting manner. Developments with respect to the Web are happening continuously, making it likely that it will be even more useful to the social scientist in the coming years.